TSA Waste $77 Million On Bomb-Sniffing Dogs That May Not Be Able To Find Bombs

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In a recently released DHS Office of the Inspector General report, it was discovered that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent $77 million in 2018 to acquire and train 287 Passenger Screening Canine (PSC) teams…

…According to the report, each of these canine teams, which includes a specially trained dog and handler, runs an initial startup cost of $227,000 and maintenance costs of $145,900. In this instance of government waste, it is especially evident that the TSA conducts almost no oversight of its costly puppy program.  More

12 Comments on TSA Waste $77 Million On Bomb-Sniffing Dogs That May Not Be Able To Find Bombs

  1. The acronym for the Federal Office of Personnel Management is OPM. In the world of business, contracts and leases, this acronym stands for “Other Peoples’ Money”

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Gov’t employees are not stealing pens and paperclips, they’re thieving us blind. If all the fraud, waste and abuse of just Federal tax dollars ended tomorrow, we could probably cut our taxes by 25%. Maybe more.

  2. The CDC is on the same path. A plague rolls in and they are running around not sure which political message to sell or what to do from week to week. Great last minute planing at a high price. Our tax dollars blowing in the political winds.

  3. I feel the same way about my combs. Spent good money on them but they sit around unused.

  4. We should contract our airport security to the Israeli’s, they’ve done an excellent job in a far more hostile part of the world.

    It would be more effective and probably far less expensive as well.

  5. I can’t sniff out a bomb either so I should be in line for at least two million!


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