Tucker Bears Witness On Syria

I watched this last night, having something close to a revival experience. With each well thought out point I found myself saying back to Brother Tucker, “Amen,” “Speak the truth, brother” and “Hallelujah.” Watch

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  1. Thanks again to Tucker for speaking the truth. It is time we stop fighting the unwinnable warsthat give us no benifit.

  2. The Military Industrial Complex is a large part of the deep state establishment. $Billions in Contracts and $100s of Millions in Contributions.

    Tucker has brought sanity to an insanely well orchestrated barrage of war mongering. Yes, that alone should call for questions.
    Follow the Money.

  3. Watched that last evening, not part of the link video clip was the testimony by the guy, sorry I don’t recall his name, who was impressive in what he said. He had been held hostage there for several years, and has some insight to how the various groups think and operate, who explained why & how it is impossible for us to know just what group actually used the poisonous gas recent. If we don’t know with certainty, stay out of it.
    Plus if you find yourself in a line with Howard Dean, you’re certainly in the wrong line.

  4. Dr. Victor Davis Hansen said today on Lou Dobbs that it is ironic that those that backed (& voted for Trump) don’t want Trump to get us involved any more than we are in Syria … those that did not & do not support Trump (& want him to fail) are the ones pushing for invasion … ironic, ain’t it?

  5. The real war is being fought on our borders and in our out-of-control urban environments, yet we are supposed to spend our blood and treasure overseas for the sake of those who would slit our throats in a heartbeat if they but had the means to do it?


    What we really need is a Constitutional Amendment that requires anyone (ANYONE!) who seriously advocates going to war with another nation be required to immediately make themselves available to serve in that conflict, regardless of age, sex, physical condition, or social position. Can’t be a fighter? We’ll put you in a support job, as close to the front lines as possible. Bedridden? We’ll wheel your ass up to a place where you can improve the morale of the troops with encouraging songs and pep talks. Anyone and everyone who wants to put someone else’s life at risk must be willing to ante up their own in order to be in the game.

    How many politicians, media pundits, racial and social rabble-rousers, so-called celebrities, etc. would be willing to get this nation in another armed conflict if that law was in place?

    Damned few, I’m betting.


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