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Tucker Carlson Left Fox News Last Friday

Just The News – Fox News host Tucker Carlson is leaving the network, Fox announced Monday.

Carlson’s last show on the network was Friday. Starting Monday, “Fox News Tonight” will air in place of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which had been one of the network’s top prime-time shows since its 2016 launch. 

“Fox News Tonight” will be led by rotating Fox contributors until a new host is named, the network said.

“We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” Fox News also said about Carlson’s departure.

It is unclear why Carlson is parting ways with the network. His program was the top-rated cable news show in the United States. h/t Brad.

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  1. Rumor has it, it was part of the settlement with Dominion. Who is a subsidiary of Libtard Inc. If true, the Democrats have successfully silenced probably our best voice.

  2. “Carlson’s departure comes days after Fox settled a defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems. His messages and emails were revealed in the case, including texts showing his dislike of former President Donald Trump.”


  3. The Fox settlement with Dominion cemented a buttress to the argument by the Left that Fox was nothing but a source of lies…undercutting Watters, Carlson , Bartiromo et Al..The Left has 90 percent of the propaganda sources and Fox has now been self eliminated. The Coup proceeds in fashioning Truth and Trump will be crushed. Then, misery will be doled to Conservatives.

  4. Tucker’s first interview ANYWHERE on the subject will get higher ratings than ANYTHING on what’s left of Fox News.

    I hope he lands (or starts) somewhere he can tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  5. Is Levin next? Weird stuff going on over at FNC. Tucker was really the only show I watched with regularity. I find Hannity to be annoying. I don’t really watch The Five or Jesse Watters. Although I don’t mind the shows. I’m just usually doing something during their hours.

    Breaking!!! CNN just fired Don Lemon.

    What’s going on?

  6. It’s almost like AOC and raggedy ann psucky knew this was coming:


    Murdock’s FAKE NEWS outlets have been CNN for 20 years!

    I have said here many times the last 10; years “When GWB was pushing RomneyCare in ’09 the 2 far left FAKE NEWS outlets said the Ronny folk were wasting time and $ putting RomneyCare on the ballot in KS. THEY BOTH HAD “POLLS” SHOWING 90% LIKED ROMNEYCARE. I said then, and here many times the last 10 years, “the only way Murdock could get 90% approval for RomneyCare was if they only rolled the Rove/Bush cabal.”. The other FAKE NEWS outlets said “most” favored RomneyCare. When REAL AMERICANS voted in ks 75% said no RomneyCare.

    All Murdock FAKE NEWS – naming some you know: WSJ, NYPost, Fox – have been and are today leftist GOP! Support for Biden and Romneycare shows FAR LEFT GOP!

    I define Barry and Ronny as conservative; GWB, FDR and “Uncle Joe” as liberal. Your definition may. differ.

    I’v said her several times last 2 years- the 2 networks pushing
    American taxpayers paying $billions to protect Hunter are CNN snd Fox. Others only on occasion say we should protect Hunter with $billions. My gym has had CNN and Fox “side by side” for years; I have said intentionally. They both push the same policies; eg, RomneyCare, pdroteck Huinter.
    I will grant zMurcok is “Republican” but far left, Ronny hating Republican.

  8. Upon thinking about this a bit more I’m thinking that Fox is getting rid of anyone who may say anything positive about Trump during the upcoming election season.
    They are completely deep state now.
    Sold out on their quest to save the deep state status quo.

    They will most likely ignore Trump as much as possible and push every RINO and Dirty Dem who comes down the pike.

    That would also fit with the “parting ways” with certain hosts as being part of the Dominion settlement.
    Lots of people have been saying there was more to that settlement than was being let on.

  9. They need to get rid of Laura as well.
    Her show was bashing DeSantis last Friday so I turned it off.

    Tucker was about all I watched anymore.
    I got tired of that skinny libertarian cunt Kat Timpf so Gutfeld became a chore.
    On the Five, assholes Geraldo, Jessica, & Harold Ford made that unbearable as well.

  10. Chris Plante advertising tomorrow’s show just now.

    He said he’s expecting to tune into FNC tonight at 8 to see the Dylan Mulvaney Show brought to you by Bud Light

  11. Most of the damaging correspondence within in house Fox personalities has been kept confidential as per the settlement agreement, but some have surfaced and a few were from Tucker to upper management questioning the “all in” position the network was taking as to the stolen election narrative. Both he and Laura Ingraham tried to warn them that Sydney Powell was a bit of a nut case and that the evidence she claimed she had was not evidence at all.

    The settlement just solidified the rift evident with Tucker wanting a more judicious measured approach to voting “irregularities” with the network providing a platform for guests management knew did not have the goods on that Dominion algorithm accusation.

  12. TRF:Fox News just ushered the TRUTH out the back door! These assholes just cut their own throats!
    Nothing wrong with that, it seems to be the gesture that’s bringing down American icons. The list is getting longer..Victoria Secret, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bud, Nike, CNN, Fox, NBA, NFL, it’s delicious to watch.

  13. “Also, how long until they blame Trump for destroying Fox News with stolen election lies?”

    Officially, probably never, but you know Murdock blames Trump and his lawyers, Powell and Guliani, for all his troubles.

    Tucker is (was) their biggest star, him leaving the network, whether he was pushed out because he is a reminder that they ignored his warnings, or whether he believes the brand is forever tarnished and he can do better elsewhere, this just might be an even bigger blow than the settlement.

  14. We may not see Tucker anywhere for some time. It all depends on his contract and/or what may have transpired with him leaving. A non-compete clause could silence him for years.

    When they put the gag on him regarding the Jan 6 tapes, the handwriting was on the wall.

    The biggest player in opposition media is being silenced. With the announcement by the DNC that they will not participate in debates, it’s pretty obvious that they have no real concerns about winning the next election. Dominions big payday ala FOX will certainly help in that regard.

    Grab your ankles, it’s going in deep.

  15. Tucker was that sparkling, diamond-coated, golden stool specimen that finally dislodged from the constipated Pox News Network, who will find out later that the paying Customer and Tucker’s Owl-Eyed Fans are always right.

    Keep Truckin’, Tuck!

  16. Who else in on the chopping block? I’ll take a guess.

    Jeanine Pirro
    Jessie Watters
    Mark Levin
    Greg Gutfeld

    Geraldo will probably have his own show. Jessica Tarlov too. Bob Beckel isn’t with us anymore or he’d be in the new lineup. Don Lemon? Tater’s got a job but maybe he’ll come on board and co-host with Tarlov.

    Juan Williams could take over for Tucker. Marie Harf could sidekick with Juan. The show could be called “Dumb and Dumber”.

  17. I’m done with fox…

    I watched Tucker and Jessie ONLY… vanity hannity made me puke, and his beating a dead horse over and over and over again sealed the deal… laura??? PUH…LEEZE…

    bye, bye, Miss American Pie…

  18. Robert F. Kennedy Jr
    Fox fires
    five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the network’s pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers control TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. For many years, Tucker has had the nation’s biggest audience averaging 3.5 million — 10 times the size of CNN. Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma.

  19. I too have chosen to part ways with FOX.
    Many main stream voice of conservatives are being eliminated.

    Constitutional Free Speech is free as long as it isn’t on an establishment (swamp) National Network.
    Tucker Carlson, One of the Last to be SILENCED.

    I pray Tucker will take time with his family and in the future continue his search for Truth and share his findings with America.

  20. I’ve soured on Rogan, his chronic marijuana/mushroom use has addled his brain, and much of what he spouts now is just nonsense.

    Going out on top (unlike Lemon) affords unlimited opportunities in going independent, a podcast, or a digital show, someplace where he is the boss and he can bring his audience with him.

    Fox News isn’t going anywhere because the owner is wealthy, much like Ted Turner with CNN, but ad revenue and an audience base will diminish.

  21. One more time Fox News lifts its skirt and shows the world its dirty stinky p*ssy. There should be no doubt now that this network is completely tainted. Anyone on it is utterly suspect as there are few if any that can resist the pull of money. This cements even more that the fix is in for 2024 as all the nay-sayers are being expunged. The real tell will be who continues to lick that dirty stinky thing and I bet we see DeSantis doing it pretty soon.

  22. This is no longer the Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather media…Assholes like Roger Ailes seem to think that they need to constantly rework things even if it is hitting record numbers. Their initial “lucky” or even “calculated” success makes them think that they can produce gold at will.

  23. @Loco, ok, I understand the confusion. I am not saying that the Cronkite/Rather news puppets were good. I am saying that they were icons that had whole carreer life. Tucker is at this point an icon in he is at the top of his game and because Roger Ailes wants to tinker, Tucker is removed.

  24. Rich and Loco….reread what Meerkat wrote….He certainly understands that Roger Ailes is no more, but commented on his “tinkering” and that happened on Rupert Mudoch’s watch with Tucker….You boys need to take a breath before you rush to comment….

  25. @Willy

    I was just trying to be helpful, thinking that Meerkat switched the names, but since you want to make a major production of this, Roger Ailes left the network in July 2016 and Tucker did not get his show until Nov. 2016, so no way no how did Roger tinker with anything involving Tucker.

  26. They have Brian Kilmeade filling in on Fox now.
    Imagine that?
    Now HE would commit suicide if Fox fired him.
    Of course they would have to account for 80 hours a week he’s on air.

    BTW, he briefly addressed the Tucker situation, saying he is and always will be Tucker’s friend.

  27. So now, the only show I watch on the network is Gutfeld, who is now “The Man”, but even then it is not regular.

    I don’t understand the appeal of either Kat Timph or Tyrus, are they supposed to be comics or astute insightful political pundits?

    Megyn covered the Tucker firing today with a number of smart guests; Beck, Ruben Greenwald, and the Daily Wire gang, all think this is great for Tucker and a disaster for Fox.

  28. “We all know RINO pipsqueak Paul Ryan had a hand in this”

    Yes he did. It’s all over Revolver. Ever wonder why he resigned mid term? I’ll guarantee you it was Trump and little Pauline is on the war path. Tucker Carlson’s viewing audience was 5.5 times larger than CNN. 2.5 times larger than CNN and MSNBC combined. Staggering numbers. This is no longer commerce, it’s mind control.

  29. On Willy’s behalf, the brain fart was probably sub-conscious! That’s all it was, a mix-up of names of these UNSEEN heads!

    I’m with Mr. Pinko…”Trump 2024″ or the society busts…You think I’M UNINFORMED???

  30. “I’m with Mr. Pinko…”Trump 2024″ or the society busts…You think I’M UNINFORMED???”

    If your asking you’re weak. But no worries, Loco and Richie Rich will convince you whom to vote for.

  31. @Brad

    “Yes he did. It’s all over Revolver.”

    Where? It wasn’t in the link you provided. Do you have another link that proves it is all over Revolver? The ball is in your court, feel free to show your work.

  32. Loco, this is all Brad. In the past Willy was Johnny on the spot calling out Brad’s bullshit.

    Meerkat made a simple name mistake, we have all done it and will do it in the future, no big deal. This was a lame attempt by you know who to enlist allies, like that disgusting display last week when he tried to enlist Kcir with ,”Loco and Rich are our enemies, don’t side with them”. contemplatable beyond belief.

  33. No, it doesn’t work like that, don’t wimp out. You said, “It is all over Revolver”, where? Or do we just conclude that everything with type is bullshit since you can’t back up what you wrote?

  34. ” Willy was Johnny on the spot calling out Brad’s bullshit.”

    Well were probably pals now.

    Meerkat made a simple name mistake

    And you two assholes are the self appointed ministers of truth here right? Again, fuck off.

    Now what? You guys act like fucking NAZIS. I hope you realize that,

  35. Agreed Rich.
    Just the other day I mixed up Bill Barr & Mike Pompeo.
    Both worthless fatheads who never lived up to their hype, so it was an easy mistake to make.
    I corrected it myself but I would have been fine with others non-maliciously pointing out my mistake.

    Also, I do remember Willys and Brad having knock-down-drag-out fights all the time here.
    Hell, Brad fought with EVERYONE!

  36. “Hell, Brad fought with EVERYONE!”

    It’s the craziest thing. We used to be Cali sympathizers and live about 90 miles away, yet now I’m the enemy, strange bird, that one. As mentioned before, I would love to bury the hatchet (How crazy am I?) but he won’t have it, too bad.

  37. “Agreed Rich.”

    No shit. These two have their own club. It’s called the “Never Leave Your Buddies Behind” club. Faggot Libtards. Mark my words. they are Trolls.

  38. Brad, did you post that Revolver link and not even read it, thinking that somewhere in there it outed Ryan as being the mastermind of Tucker’s firing? Tell me you really didn’t do that?


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