Tucker Carlson On A Tear, Exposing Elites Exploiting The Right

If you haven’t been watching Tucker Carlson Tonight this week, you’ve missed some really important stories.

On Tuesday night, the prime time Fox New host set his sites on vulture capitalist, Paul Singer and the role he played in forcing the merger of sporting goods outlets Cabela’s with Bass Pro Shop. Singer pocketed tens of millions while Sidney, NE (former home to Cabela’s headquarters) lost nearly 2,000 jobs. Here and Here

Last night, Tucker went after the American Enterprise Institute and its role in burnishing the image of Oxycodone maker  Purdue pharma. In a devastating expose of how Purdue paid AEI for its P.R. services, Carlson raising important questions on the ethics of the 81-year-old conservative think tank. Here



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  1. I have taken a lot of heat over the years for pointing out that the Republican establishment is no better than the Democrat Party. In Washington State, where I have lived for north of a half century, they are an unmitigated plague.

  2. The coup criminals want him out, alive or dead. Why is this overthrow of the President not being stopped? The power to do so has become so Communist and so Obaminated it only exists to accomplish Trump’s ouster by all Dems and Repubs. Just as Johnson wanted JFK out, so does Pence want to be Pres.?
    Another warning to know about:
    Repeat: In the latest photos of Trump, something is amiss
    He is not looking well at all and appears to have been poisoned. I said it before, and will say it again. If it was polonium, he has approximately a month and a half left to live. If it was anything else, they can still stop it.
    Maybe he’s really upset about the impeachment and in extreme duress, but to me it looks like a poisoning. Perhaps body doubles are being used that just don’t have the “life” Trump had? That would not surprise me either. I don’t know what, but something is up.

  3. JD
    Me too! But since I am a Ronny Dem I get the same anger he (Rony) got!
    Yes, GWB and his acolyte BHO were in practice one and the same! All the Trump haters of BHO’s regime were GWB men; naming just some of thousnands of names: Brennan, Clapper, Comey ..Mueler…


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