Tucker Carlson Reports On Crime Stats for Illegals

Last night Tucker Carlson lead off his program with federal crime numbers on acts committed by illegal immigrants in this country.

“Non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit serious crimes than Americans are,” the stats reveal. Immigrants commit 22 percent, or more than a fifth, of all federal murder convictions, for example.”  Watch

8 Comments on Tucker Carlson Reports On Crime Stats for Illegals

  1. They broke the law getting into the country and they continue to violate our laws when they stay here. Why should anyone be surprised that criminals from other countries like to enter illegal and stay to commit more violence?

  2. When you consider a) these are federal prison stats which doesn’t account for local city/county arrests, and b) sanctuary city PA’s and judges often plea down the charges so the illegal doesn’t face a felony or deportation, the actual numbers are much higher than Tucker reported.

  3. Just like the actual numbers of them here they want to deceive the public. The crimes committed and strain on social services means nothing to those like Obama who seek to dilute and destroy this culture.

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