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Tucker Cautions Viewers To Be Skeptical of Tara Reade’s Allegations

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Last night, Tucker Carlson focused on the problems with Reade’s changing story, noting her enthusiastic backing for Bernie Sanders, and the troubling timing of her charges. The entire 6 minute segment and a rush transcript are embedded below, but the most serious issue is:

…before Joe Biden started beating Bernie Sanders in the primary, Tara Reade wasn’t attacking Joe Biden, instead she had effusively positive things to say about him. In 2017, Tara Reade repeatedly praised Joe Biden for his work against sexual assault. At one point Reade wrote “My old boss speaks the truth.”


Tucker Carlson’s commentary on Tara Reade’s contrary statements and questionable motive. Watch

9 Comments on Tucker Cautions Viewers To Be Skeptical of Tara Reade’s Allegations

  1. It’s the Kavanaugh gambit, sans Gloria “All Red” Allred, and Kamel Toes Harris leading the charge.

  2. If only Tucker had been skeptical of Fauci and Birx before telling Trump to take the Wuhan seriously.

  3. Her mother’s call to Larry King is proof enough for me.

  4. @Brad–for me too, but they have to attack her while admitting that they gave her the hearing that all “Me Too” victims are entitled to….no one said that all of them are entitled to justice.

  5. True incident or not, I suspected Bernie was involved. Getting interesting.
    The thing is, why now and not when it was still Bernie-Biden-Warren? She and Warren could have double-teamed on Biden.

    OK that sounded so gross.

  6. The strategy here is to keep biden on the ticket. If he gets thrown off, the dems might come up with a real candidate.

    Keep him on the ticket, and then a month before the election we’ll discover some “new, corroborating” information. And it will prove he is a rapist.

  7. I could care less if it’s true, I’m enjoying the smears and harassment that Biden’s going through.
    He spent a career destroying innocent people with accusations just like this so I’m glad he’s finding out what it’s like.

  8. I agree with bad brad and gov-
    The Larry King phone call is unequivocally damming.

  9. Doesn’t matter. What matters is how she feels today. That is how Democrats operate and it is the standard they apply to anyone and everyone else.

    Own it Dems


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