Tucker Tells Real Story Behind Video Of ICE Pulling Mother From Kids

DAILY CALLER: Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers Tuesday the real story behind a viral video that showed an illegal immigrant mother being ripped away from her kids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The video shows a woman being pulled away from her three screaming daughters as ICE orders her to get into a van. Media outlets ran with the “upsetting” video, focusing their headlines on the idea that the woman was unfairly being taken from her kids.

The Washington Post, for example, wrote, “Dramatic video shows Border Patrol agents pulling woman away from her screaming children,” while the Los Angeles Times said, “Video of woman being pulled away from her daughters in immigration arrest sparks anger.”

CBS News similarly claimed, “Video of woman’s immigration arrest sparks outcry, response from Border Patrol.”

However, there is much more to the story than what is shown in the video.

As Carlson reported on his show, the ICE agents made a targeted arrest based on suspicions that the woman was involved in a human trafficking ring.

“A key detail is being left out,” The Daily Caller co-founder explained. “The woman in that video…isn’t some random illegal alien pulled off the street by those cowboys. She’s suspected by the feds of organizing a human trafficking operation.”

“I don’t know if I’ve seen coverage as dishonest as this in a long time,” he continued. “I mean, this is the definition of propaganda.” WATCH

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  1. Statement from California Border Patrol:

    “Perla Morales-Luna was identified as a human smuggling facilitator who recruited drivers to transport illegal aliens from a remote border area in Eastern San Diego County to a stash house in National City as part of a larger transnational criminal organization. Other individuals associated with this criminal organization were arrested shortly after a smuggling event transpired in January of 2018 near Boulevard, California. Ms. Morales-Luna eluded arrest at that time, and despite direct phone conversations between her and U.S. Border Patrol agents, she refused to self-surrender to authorities. Due to her unwillingness to self-surrender and the fact that she was an illegal alien present in the United States she was deemed a flight risk and a targeted enforcement operation was approved for her arrest.

    During the arrest on March 3, 2018, Ms. Morales-Luna refused to comply with the agents’ commands and physically resisted while attempting to abscond into a nearby vehicle.”

    Good article: “Is California the New Confederacy?”


  2. appears they gave her every opportunity to do the right thing. Boot her slave driving ass out of our country and her kids too. Be gone.

    Build the wall.

  3. The play book is to be followed to the letter.

    The media does not wish to have the facts interfere with the progressive/socialist narrative.

    Look, Russian collusion,chaos in the WH, Tillerson, Fusion GPS, Mueller, Assault Rifles, Hillary trips, sprains hand, protests over gun violence, etc., etc., etc.,

  4. Stuff like that doesn’t upset me. If you do something illegal law enforcement won’t hesitate to yank you from your children.

    Why am I supposed to care if it’s a filthy rat scumbag illegal alien?

  5. Personally, I only heard her screaming. Scream away, ILLEGAL ALIEN, we’ll pay as much attention to you as you do to our laws. Bye, Bye.


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