McCain Blasts Gina Haspel as Merchant of Torture

Did McCain rise up out of his deathbed to lead the left’s charge that Haspel is a bad choice?

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  1. “McCain Blasts Gina Haspel as Merchant of Torture”

    McCain is next to meet the real man of torture! His cancer is growing faster, and his mental capacity for coherent thinking is slipping fast!

  2. Well, that settles it. If McPain in the butt hates her, she should be a great choice to partner with President Trump to MAGA.

  3. Send him to ISIS. You know, those headchopping moral paragons he funded in Syria and hugged in solidarity.

    Don’t let the link name fool you. They didn’t debunk shit. Even from their own article:

    “But adding to the confusion – and buttressing Paul’s case – a month later the Free Syrian Army admitted to the Lebanon’s Daily Star that it had joined forces with ISIS to attack Assad’s forces in the Qalamoun region of Syria.

    ‘We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings,’ one FSA commander told the newspaper.”

    Adding to their confusion maybe.

    Fuck this corpse. The only way to get him off his deathbed is to say something pro-American.

  4. Darkest chapters in America’s history. Really? How about Kennedy lying to the American people to get us into the Viet Nam war? How about the Clinton Crime Syndicate? How about all of Obama’s deception, subversion, and treason? How bout all the democrat-communists in the highest levels of government, courts, media, labor, academia, and Hollywood? How about Obama’s politicizing the military, Department of Justice, and the IRS?

  5. Unless I see a video, in slow motion, on continuous loop, of Haspel waterboarding McFeces, I don’t think he’s in the position to opine.

  6. I want her to have McCain waterboarded. He should be considered an enemy of the Republic and “questioned” to learn the truth of his involvement in the attempted coup of our duly elected President to install a dictator.

  7. McCorpse has spoken. This is a call for all Rhinocrats to rally with their Democrat allies to make sure they can make a mess of this process.

  8. McCain knows that his secrets are not safe under a Trump administration. McCain’s nefarious conduct as a senator will eventually come to light and he doesn’t like it. I think this is why many in congress oppose POTUS Trump. Swamp critters thought the swamp was their private domain, and what happens in the swamp stays in the swamp. LOL!

  9. Wait a minute…McCain is an expert on torture…considering his history. Every time he tweets or is on TV, my senses are extremely tortured.

  10. I’m very glad I’m not a politician. I think it’s one step away from the gates of hell, being a politician. I really do. It`s a nightmare.
    Jeremy Irons

  11. the darkest chapter in American history was 8 years of obomba when he faced zero opposition from rinocrats like mccain.

    waterboarding is necessary and deserved.

  12. The practice of interrogation is essential to find answers to important life saving/military/National Security intelligence questions.

    The various practices/techniques of interrogation used are based upon success of getting answers quickly in dire circumstances to save lives and protect the US from attacks of our citizens, Government or way of life.

    As McCain can attest by his betrayal of the US during his incarceration in Vietnam, some interrogation techniques are more successful than others, up to and including death.

    Being one who has been in the front lines, having lost fellow warriors and faced the consequences of war, in the case of National Security of the US, the end justifies the means.

    What technique would you use to save one life of your countrymen?

    What technique would you use to save 100 lives?

    What technique would you use to save 1000, 10,000 or more lives?

    Personally, I see no limits as to what techniques are used in dire circumstances when the lives of US military, civilians or our way of life is threatened.

  13. My understanding is that the members of Al Qaida who were “tortured” only talked after they were able to claim to their compatriots that they had been tortured, even if they wanted to spill their guts.

    Considering that Haspel will be the first female CIA director, I’m going to scream bloody sexist at any politician who opposes her nomination for whatever reason. Those that plan to vote against are part of the patriarchy, man.

  14. Told y’all, she’s a dominatrix, evil and beneath contempt of real women, dying their hair green and chopping a boyfriend up in his sleep.
    Ya gotta admit, when the Viet Minh wash a brain, it stays washed.
    I think McStain and Cankels should go on a losers tour, get the whine band back together.

  15. If torture doesn’t work, then why did McCain betray his country after he was tortured?

    Point 2: If water boarding is torture, why are the U.S. Special Forces allowed to use it when training?

  16. Hold on, hold on. Gonna put my conspiracy hat on. OK. That’s better. Now, is McShitstain still able to communicate? Or was this claim ghost written by one of his limp wristed suck ass Obama loving sycophants?

  17. I was worried for a min. If GWB and his puppet Johnny are bad mouthing something it must be good. He was quiet for most a day. Had me worried. Now I know she may be the best of the choices. I still say abolish it!

  18. McCain’s doing amazingly well for a person with a prognosis of only a 3% survival rate.

    Today he sends out a rapid-fire political comment. From his death bed?


  19. Of course McCain doesn’t like her – he’s probably going experience her experience someday in the near future.

    McCain has been a blue falcon and a traitor his entire adult life.

  20. the real torture is on the United States for having McShitStain still around …. bitter old man Hawkings is now dead …. come on John Boy, these come in 3’s … get your boot on & get in line!


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