TULSI GABBARD Considers Boycotting Democrat Debate to Protest DNC’s Attempt to Rig the Primary

She’s on a fool’s errand. She’s in a party that is all about anti-liberty and the controlling of its citizenry. Did you not expect them to be controlling and rigging when it comes time to hand pick and anoint their candidate?

GP– Gabbard said in a video statement that this time, instead of rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders, they are rigging it against voters in early voting states. She also once again blasted her party for their shenanigans in 2016.

In a statement accompanying the video, Rep. Gabbard said that the “DNC and corporate media are trying to hijack the entire election process.”

“The 2016 Democratic Primary election was rigged by the DNC and their partners in the corporate media against Bernie Sanders,” Gabbard’s statement said. “In this 2020 election, the DNC and corporate media are rigging the election again, but this time against the American people in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.”


19 Comments on TULSI GABBARD Considers Boycotting Democrat Debate to Protest DNC’s Attempt to Rig the Primary

  1. If she is serious about wanting to win the nomination she has to be at the debate. If she thinks she will bring voters to her side she needs to be front and center. What a dummy!

  2. Rigging things is what Democrats do.

    Maybe she should rethink her entire set of political views and consider a different party.

  3. You know with all the corrupt tricks and shenanigans democrats have pulled Nixon needs to be dug up and a full pardon and apology given to him cause what he done was minute in comparison. I keep thinking about the files in the WH that Clinton’s had on Republicans and nothing was done to them way back then!

  4. This debate is probably her last so instead of boycotting use the opportunity to make some hard hitting points.

    Sorry to say but when you are polling that low no one is going to miss you or realize you aren’t on stage.

  5. Is she serious about running or is she just in it for the money like 99% of the D candidates are? This makes me wonder because, if she was serious, nothing would keep her from the debate. $$$$$$

  6. @Supernightshade (October 10, 2019 at 11:15 am)

    What do you find most disturbing about that .jpg?

    (a) Oh my. It has Hillary in it waving at the crowd.
    (b) C’mon! White is not her color and she should stop wearing it.
    (c) Her thighs are fat and you can see her waddle even in the image.
    (d) Her cankles are inadequately covered up.
    (e) That she has such a large crowd of gullible nitwits.
    (f) History often repeats itself.

  7. She has the potential to be red-pilled, but realistically she supports too much leftist stuff and would just bring it with her if she changed parties. Much like a liberal Californian moving to another state.

  8. Boycotting because the DNC and corporate media are rigging the primary against the American people?
    I don’t think the DNC and corporate media will even deny that.

  9. @Left Coast Dan October 10, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    > She has the potential to be red-pilled

    “Pink-pilled”? Is that a meme? Sort of a “reddish” pilling.

    She can have an epiphany, or three, and be less stupid. (Hey! It could happen!)

    But there’s no way for “Tulsi Gabbard” to remain, even a husk of, “Tulsi Gabbard” if all the stupid is gone. The very foundations of what makes her “Tulsi Gabbard” are the blue pill.

  10. Well there I was in Hollywood
    Wishin’ I was doin’ good
    Talkin’ on the telephone line
    They don’t need me in the Debates
    And nobody sings my praises
    I guess I’m just wastin’ time
    But then I got to thinkin’
    Man I’m really sinkin’
    And I really had a flash this time
    I had no business leavin’
    And nobody would be grievin’
    If I went on back to Tulsi Time

    [Chorus 2]
    Livin’ on Tulsi time
    Livin’ on in Tulsi’s mind

  11. By far, the best looking democrat candidate out there. Also, military experience.
    Unfortunately, she still says stupid democrat crap.

  12. @Anonymous October 10, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    > Also, military experience.

    A genetic female. In the military.

    It’s an experience. Don’t know that anyone would call it a sanity affirming experience. But it is an experience.


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