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Turkey Agrees to Let Finland Join NATO, But Not Sweden

Courthouse News

What for long seemed like a dual entry into NATO for Sweden and Finland is now turning into a solo run, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Friday his country is prepared to approve Finland’s application.

“Finland will play an active role in NATO. It has been decided that we will start the process of ratifying Finland’s NATO application in parliament,” Erdoğan announced at a press conference in Ankara alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

Turkey’s parliament can vote on Finland’s membership bid as early as next week. More

10 Comments on Turkey Agrees to Let Finland Join NATO, But Not Sweden

  1. Sweden and Finland make more sense in NATO than Turkey!
    Where is Turkey’s North Atlantic coast?

    Not implying that Turkey isn’t necessary to hem in Russia – but NATO?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. That’s weird. Sweden is practically a Muslim country anyway. On the other hand Finland is more likely to provoke Russia further, and since they seem to want WWIII, its a better choice to reach Armageddon the quickest.

    Also, keep in mind that many Muslims are “twelvers”, that think provoking global annihilation will bring out the Twelfth Iman who will impose Islam everywhere and extinguish infedels forever.

  3. I’ve long held the belief that getting the US out of NATO would be a world net benefit;

    The US for obvious reasons, removing the threat of foreign entanglements and an unnecessary financial obligation.
    The existing NATO members would gain more autonomy in their own affairs, would be forced to revamp/strengthen their own military, and would have to adopt a more sober approach to expansion.
    Russia because NATO would be without its most powerful member, reducing the actual threat on its borders to a more manageable adversary.

    A win/win/win and would lower the temperature of thermo-nuclear conflagration by a measurable amount.

  4. This is not your grandpa’s NATO. Shitpants has totally weaponized NATO, all the way to the Pacific. Turkey has issues with Sweden. Don’t confuse Sweden with Switzerland.

    Turkey might be a NATO member, but because of Shitpants, Blinken and Yellen, Turkey is mosdef a Russian ally.

  5. Rick Taylor,

    Yes, But how would you convince NATO to buy Boeing, Ratheon, Lockheed Martin, etc.


    (That little Rafael is a cool little bastard)

    NATO seems to actually be a PURCHASING Block rather than Common defence.

    Some asshole just called & I got to go to work now! (-4C)

  6. Kcir

    Forcing American defense companies to build shit people actually want and find value in, another net benefit.

    And my sympathies about work. I’ve been retired for so long (got out at 50), all that is now just a dream.

  7. When was the last time the NATO was useful?
    Not since the Soviet Union fell apart.
    The failed to stop ANY war, failed to stop Russia annexing Crimea, and failed again this time.
    The fact that turkey is a member of the NATO, given veto power to decide who gets in and who can’t tells you how worthless is the NATO.
    Of all countries, turkey should not be a member in the NATO. Our tax money is going to them while they continue to be hostile to the US and the west in general and show the same islamofacist obsession with Israel.
    Trump was right, they need to pay their fair share, or we should stop funding them.


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