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TV Commercials pushing ‘the message’ hard.

While M&S metaphorically burned down Christmas, Lidl had the temerity to feature a white family with actual white children in their Christmas ad. Wonders never cease.

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  1. Already seen a few with the “new” normal mixed-race and/or same-sexers celebrating “family ” gatherings. Not so much “pure/same-race” families….

    Am I missing something here? Just asking for my 1960’s childhood friends…

  2. The Brits like to think they invented Christmas courtesy of Charles Dickens but they have always missed the mark as evidenced by their pretentious entry “Love Actually”.

    Although this year, given their abject surrender to Islam and every perversion that it involves, I doubt even the weak-ass “Happy Christmas” will be heard in Londonstan with any enthusiasm.

  3. I saw a Ford F150 commercial with a normal looking white husband, white wife and white child yesterday.

    It’s sad that a commercial like this now catches my attention. “Holy shit! They’re white and straight and don’t have an adopted/bastard mulatto child!” Then I actually remember the brand.

    Sales must be down at Ford due to the union strike so they need to appeal to their real customers for 5 minutes.

  4. Let me explain this as clearly as I can.
    I don’t give a fuck about the failed British empire. USA is rapidly following the UK down the path to destruction. Joe Biden is happily being our pilot as he drives our plane into a mountain.

    I hate saying this and never thought I would.

    Is depression real? You betcha.

  5. I actually spent all week in the UK. I arrived back home on Halloween night. I stayed in the small village where I lived when I was stationed over there in 1974 and 1975. Every moment I watched TV at the Cross Keys Inn was chocker-block packed with oddly mixed interracial families, faggots, drag queens, effeminate males, misandrist females, third world hosts and presenters, Euro-weenie goober-gobblers pushing climate change, Hammas-appeasing propagandists and Trump bashing peter puffers. There was barely a moment of normalcy or decency to be seen. Any mention of Christianity was only to deride it as being something from the past that isn’t relative to today’s society. The whole damn country is swimming in a queer-centric pool of perverted filth. I had people question me about Trump’s blatant attempt to overthrow the government by ordering his gun-toting followers to overrun the capital and kill anyone who got in their way. One asshole looked at me and demanded to know if I actually owned a gun. My answer left him stunned and unable to speak. By the way, my non-stop flight from Houston to London was mostly Hispanic people who spoke no English. They had to be shown how to open the restroom doors and put their seatbelts on. They looked like migrant farm workers who couldn’t afford a bus ticket to Mexico City, let alone airfare to London. I hope Texas Governor Abbott personally put those bastards on board in Houston.

  6. CJ, when I see those car ads I always dub it over myself. “Look Honey! I just put us $60,000 (+) in debt as a Christmas gift to you!”

    The jewelry ads are on now too. Homosexuals, mixed race and handicapped people.
    And of course in many ads the token whites are complete idiots and have to be schooled by black people.

  7. Beachmom – I do the same, but it’s usually involves cursing and the couple splitting up…haha. Yeah, the jewelry ads are second on my list of commercials I despise this time of the year. And then to round it out to the top three…Target ads. Other than that, I’m very cheerful this time of year…haha.

  8. The Moloch and Satan commercial is about tossing God and other sacred Christmas icons into hell fire.

    The symbolism could not be more clear, the groveling to Islam is hilarious though. We know at least one ad agency that is unemployed now.

    When white dads are portrayed on TV now its only as retarded children and weak ass quislings.

    Again Satanic design to break the family unit. It’s all deliberately inter-related across all platforms by the Alphabets that exist only to further Lucifers goals…

  9. As my father would repeatedly advise me growing up, “If they tell you to jump off a bridge, you gonna do it?”

    If others don’t choose to exercise their Free Will and God-granted intelligence, our paths diverge and I keep my eyes on my path, my family and MY deeds. Grateful to God for my Life and that Free Will.

  10. @ Dadof4
    I told him I didn’t have “A” gun, but nearly a hundred guns, mostly semi-automatic rifles, along with over 100,000 rounds of ammunition. I told him I was ready to arm my whole neighborhood if it was necessary to defend our rights against a tyrannical government. He looked afraid of me after that. I wanted him to be.


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