TV networks to air commercial depicting menstruating men and boys


Several TV networks have agreed to air an underwear commercial portraying a surreal world where men and boys menstruate.  

Titled “MENstruation,” the ad for “Period-Proof Underwear” opens with an anguished young teenage boy sheepishly telling his dad, “I think I got my period.”  

Dad later hugs him and tells him, “It’s just part of growing up.”

Many of the nine rapid-fire vignettes in the one-minute, 20-second ad are jarring: a man rolls over in bed, revealing blood-stained sheets; in a public bathroom, a man passes a tampon to another beneath a toilet stall partition; and a man walks through a locker room with a tampon string dangling from his briefs. In one, as a young man and woman suggestively kiss, he stops to say, “I’m on my period.”

“Me too,” she replies.

As the commercial closes, “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them,” appears on the screen, followed by, “Thinx: Underwear that absorbs your period.”


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  1. I think the FCC should get an earful. Call them. And call the networks, too. How can they know how big a mistake this is if they don’t hear from us?

  2. if the food manufacturers keep injecting so much soy into everything we eat, within a few generations, men will start having periods

  3. I’ve had plenty on “!”, and quite a few “?”, but never a “.”.
    Are you effing kidding me?
    To quote the famous Bob, of “Drinking with Bob” fame…WHATS NEXT : WHATS NEXT : WHATS NEXT…?

  4. Last year I had the old prostatectomy reamed out.
    That was one bloody mess.
    The very first actual time urinating after the catheter was removed was the closest I have ever had to a bloody period.
    Urine flow was restored, but I would never want to g,o through that again.

  5. Billy had his period and Sarah had her first erection…

    This dad should find a live volcano and they all jump in.

    If he can’t find a live volcano he could, maybe, set the house on fire?

  6. I saw this commercial on a youtube ad today, and I’m still outraged and pissed off. You just can’t escape this shit.

  7. Oh FFS!
    You want to sell me absorbent panties and that flaming dumpster wreck of an ad is how you intend to separate me from my hard earned money?
    No, a zillion times no.

  8. I have a cock balls and an asshole down there. I pissed blood one time after getting hit really hard. I’ve never had bloody ass issues. None of that is a females monthly cycle. I can’t do it I don’t have a vagina with a uterus. It’s just not up in there. Is this a spoof? Please say it’s a spoof. No man in history has every passed a tampon to another man having his period

  9. Does ANYONE need any more proof that these dumb fucks are insane????

    We are fools for letting them lead the narrative.

    Fuck them all, turn your back and ignore them, that will be the biggest slam to their stupidity.

  10. Oct 10/2019:

    Bret Favre’s Birthday
    The Pats beat the Giants on Thursday Night
    and I just witnessed the Stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    I literally just told a customer today that a real man has not been born in the last 20 years. O well, too bad for real women

  11. Time for the grid to go down.
    Without hardship these Millennials will give birth to a generation that will surely die out

  12. How screwed up does one have to be to dream up this shit?

    This has gone from the surreal and absurd out there to where the English language doesn’t have words that convey the essence of what this represents. This is so far beyond beyond sick shit that words fail me.

  13. IF, IF, IF. Only children and the mentally defective obsess about What If? (e.g. Hillary and her followers)

  14. /clears throat/
    excuse me but-

    Leftists are INSANE and GROSS ugh.

    Just stop it already. Please. You nasty nasty stains on society.

  15. “… If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.”


    Same with waking up with a woody. Or having hemorrhoids. Or the sharts. Or death camps. I guess if we were all subjected to abductions and tortures we’d be more comfortable with them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Can you imagine these bedwetters sailing to the New World or defeating the Moors in France? – to put it in the context of anniversary of things that happened this week –

  17. What’s ironic is to me this is suggesting women are ashamed of their bodies and/or how they function. And if only we all had them. That isn’t compatible with the women empowerment message. Equality for all – this is how it plays out.

  18. I am seriously considering turning off my damned TV and not watch anything, anymore, period. I am so sick and tired of everything on the boob tube that I want to yell “Stop the world, I want to get off!” And, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” Have people become so dumbed down by the idiot box that they just don’t care anymore about anything. Just give the proles bread and circuses and freak shows and train wrecks and wrestling to appease them, anything but the truth and the real world. I am rapidly becoming John the Barbarian in Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel Brave New World.

  19. Please progressives name one man, anywhere, anytime, any place that had a period. It has never happened. It will never happen. It cannot happen. Learn your damn biology.

    I advocate for the death penalty for the perverts who peddle this vile crap. Hang a few dozen of them (Start with the Gillette folks) and we might see the return of sanity.

  20. This is willful mental abuse of children.

    They’re doing it to kids. Kids whom you know: Nice bright young smiling kids you think well of. And they’re doing it with impunity.

    They are literally making children neurotic and insane.

    Should you stop watching the television? Yes, of course. That’s the minimum.

    You should also be the sane adult. You should be the adult the kid can trust to tell them the truth, when their whole world is filled with officially-approved lies.

  21. They’re mentally disturbed, deranged and they have a blown gasket somewhere in their brains.

    If they would accept that they are mentally insufficient, we could be lenient with them. But since they won’t, they need to be pointed at and cursed at and laughed at until they shrink away and hide in their closets with all their dresses.

  22. If they keep pushing this narrative whats going to happen when these little boys DON”T menstruate and ask their parents why they are not Hilarity ensures.

  23. You would think that REAL WOMEN would be up in arms over this crap! From my experience with my Wife and two Daughters, I can say that periods are somewhat painful and not something to celebrate (unless you’re worried about being pregnant)! This “appropriation” of the hardship suffered by REAL WOMEN should be condemned as much as white people eating collard greens and fried chicken! Where are the liberwomynz???


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