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Twilight of the Governors

Mark Steyn-

Last Wednesday with Sean Hannity, and with Brian Kilmeade, Dana Loesch and Stuart Varney in the ensuing 24 hours, I said that Scott Walker had bombed bigtime in the Republican debate, starting with his lame pre-scripted “We don’t need another ‘Apprentice’ in the White House” Trump joke. Here I am with one of the debate moderators, Hugh Hewitt:

MARK STEYN: Scott Walker I thought had a disastrous night…

HUGH HEWITT: I don’t agree with you on Walker, only because I think it plays so well in Iowa and small town America to be Midwestern reserved. I just think there’s a different audience that you and I live with that listens and views it differently, and that slow and steady does win some races.

Not this time. Today, Scott Walker quit the presidential race.

Having a great “record”, as Walker insisted, turned out not to matter. As I said to Stuart or Brian or someone on Thursday morning, if you have in effect a three-year election campaign then the ability to campaign becomes what matters: that’s the “record” that counts.

And so the destabilization of the primary process caused by Trump’s entry into the race has claimed its second gubernatorial scalp. Walker made it to the top table in both debates and, by the end of the second, had turned himself into Jim Gilmore.  More Here

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  1. Hugh Hewitt. Another brainiac lawyer. I’m fucking sick of our political system being “Litigated”. No more fucking attorneys. We need a bounty on attorneys. They’ve litigated our country into the ground.

  2. Attacking Trump or any of the other GOP candidates is not fruitful as Perry and Walker have learned.
    We need someone with the balls to go after Obama, Clinton and the rest of the lying horde of people in the corrupt, PC, Muslim ass kissing, Dem ruling party.

  3. My entire libtard extended family and even my wife are laughing at Trump. I just walk away and while thinking how easily they forget 1980, I say under my breath, “Introducing the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump!”

    They are going to be so PISSED OFF because he will turn their libtard world upside down.

  4. Does anyone recall when, in that first debate, the WHOLE field of candidates were asked if they would pledge to not run as other than Republican AND also to back whomever won the primary? Did fucking Walker (whom I liked until today) or anyone other than Trump hold up their hand? NO! So they all pretended that they would back – Trump – if he is the nominee, right? Right? Because nobody on that stage said they would refuse their support.

    Now Walker is advocating to try and make a genuine effort for the field of candidates to agree, publicly (in a sense), to bring Trump down. Ass. Hole.

    Sure, they wanted Trump to bend over and agree to support THEM if he didn’t do well, but when the shoe is on the other foot, the gloves come off.

    Walker wobbled when Trump went straight to the hearts of the people. He became a Trump chump. FU Walker! You cynical little bitch.

    Please forgive the salty language.

  5. From The Hill:

    Several dozen bundlers met at the home of Frank Luntz who were reassured they still had a great “product” in Walker. If there is one thing Trump has been so great at doing, it’s giving light and air to the problem of that benign term “campaign finance.” These same Walker bundlers bet both ways by putting money behind other GOPe candidates.

  6. And The Fiscal Times has a pretty good piece on Walker’s perceptions of “conservative”. Here’s the money quote following his appeal to other candidates to drop out, allowing more focus on non-Trump frontrunners (are there any?):

    ““This is fundamentally important to the future of the party and more importantly to the future of the country,” (he added).

    Too bad Walker turned out to be a douche. How can any so-called conservative pol be so out of touch with the torches and pitchforks the party base have been packing around for the past seven years? It’s the cult of the RNC.


  7. Hewitt ” Candy Crowley is my friend” likes to talk about all.the environmental law work he does in CA, fighting the environmentalists, but I have yet to see lawyers like him win a single victory over radical environmentalists. It seems he carries the RINO credo, “Roll over, lose and collect a check” into his legal work as well as his media work.

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