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Twitter Lifts Ban on Journalist Who Doxxed Elon’s Family

UK Daily Mail

Elon Musk on Friday night reinstated nine journalists he had suspended the day before from Twitter – 24 hours after he made a cameo appearance in a discussion to debate his decision, and then abruptly left the forum when challenged by reporters.

Musk, who had faced widespread condemnation for his blocking of reporters who angered him, tweeted on Friday: ‘The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now.’ More

7 Comments on Twitter Lifts Ban on Journalist Who Doxxed Elon’s Family

  1. Well now that’s disappointing. Elon should not only start hiring a really good security team, he should carry and learn how to use a gun. He’s absolutely right on this and not even AOC can justify what happened, try as she might. stupid bitch.

  2. aircubed

    He was asked the question, watcha gonna do when the FBI comes for you. AT YOUR HOUSE. He currently has no permanent address and bounces from friends couches. In other words he currently doesn’t own a home or have a permanent residence. Paranoid a bit? Or smart. Is he that hard to track? Oh hell no. Dudes a lot smarter than I am but I would lean towards hiring every ex Navy Seal, MARSOC, Green Beret and letting them decide how best to defend Twatter head quarters from the FBI. And then move in there. That would be fun.

  3. Personally, he should have banned them for 6 months with a countdown clock just to drive them nuts.

    Yet, if you think about it, as they go absolutely apoplectic over being kicked OFF, he re-instates them.

    Best Troll ever and he is actually training them like performing seals. They are addicted to Him, his platform, and he owns them while actually forcing them to be more civilized.

  4. I expect Twat-ter to go teats up by the middle of next year. Elon might be smart, but even free speech has its limit on social media. Elon will not please everyone. He should stick with what he knows best–it isn’t social media. He’s already waning. Don’t put your trust and faith in man.

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