Twitter squirms as Biden looks lost, coughs through speeches, shakes hands afterwards: ‘Not fit to serve’ – IOTW Report

Twitter squirms as Biden looks lost, coughs through speeches, shakes hands afterwards: ‘Not fit to serve’


Twitter users expressed discomfort over viral clips of President Joe Biden coughing repeatedly throughout a Tuesday White House address on the passage of the CHIPS bill and then shaking hands with several lawmakers afterwards. Biden also looked dead in the water while expecting a handshake from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., even though the two had shaken hands only seconds prior.

Biden’s critics on Twitter emphasized their horror by reminding users that Biden had just finished with his COVID-19 isolation and was unmasked and shaking hands after coughing into them.

The Washington Free Beacon Twitter account shared a video clip of President Joe Biden coughing his way through his speech on the signing of the CHIPS bill on Tuesday. The outlet captioned the video, stating, “Biden is coughing so much during his speech that he can barely talk.”

The Free Beacon also shared a clip of Biden shaking hands with Democratic lawmakers after the cough-filled speech and captioned it, tweeting, “After coughing into his hand during his entire speech, Biden proceeds to shake hands with everyone in the crowd.” more here

16 Comments on Twitter squirms as Biden looks lost, coughs through speeches, shakes hands afterwards: ‘Not fit to serve’

  1. not fit to serve presumes he once was. he’s always been a vociferous hack, whose whole life has been nothing but graft.

  2. He was only put there to sign papers. The less he understands the better. The plans working perfectly.

  3. He may not be fit, but he is certainly useful.
    Can’t rely on his input into the FBI raid, and he’s the perfect scapegoat.
    The Left will disappear him soon.

  4. If the midterms turn out to be disastrous as predicted, he will announce retirement due to health reasons. He should be impeached in absentia, regardless.
    Republicans should run him through the ringer. After impeachment do a RICO act on his entire family. Especially sonny boy. Also go after Pelosi and her husband for insider trading.

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

  5. “something happened to chip productions in the US”
    You mean Obuttma’s 35% corporate tax rate?
    Even Ingersoll Rand left, 104 year old company moved to Ireland at an 11% tax rate.
    All part of the plan.

  6. Anyone who shook hands with Biden and gets the Biden crud deserves what they get. I’m expecting Humper and his dad to get the monkeypox. I’ll hold my LMAO until then.

  7. “Take counsel with yourself, beloved, and ask whether you would indeed have me wait until I wither and fall from my high seat unmanned and witless. ”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Return of the King”

  8. May he drop and no one be willing to lift his croaked ass off the ground. They can just push him into a mound of used cat litter.

    Never has such a pile of shit assumed human form.

  9. C’mon, during the campaign I saw Biden* pull down his mask, cough into his hand, then pull his mask back up. It’s Science™ !!

  10. Biden is an infectious super spreader, quarantine him for the remainder of his term. He doesn’t know what’s going on or making decisions.
    The people who call the real shots should come to the forefront, the masquerade is over.

  11. The constant cough is because his dementia is progressing to the point that his throat is short circuting. His brain can no longer synchronize his throat muscles to swallow properly. Especially while speaking. He literally cannot walk and chew gum now.

    The pedophilic sack of shit is dying. They can pump his ass with a million dollar cocktail for only so long.

    They are gorking the fuck out of the imbecile for every public appearance but he is still declining.

    It’s just a matter of time now before he can’t even swallow and chokes to death on his own phlegm.

    What a perfectly fitting death for the satanic bastard, but it’s more likely they will AR 15 him while bike riding using their ULTRA MAGA false flag patsy. Worked on JFK, the CIA is prepping the next Lee Harvey Oswald as we soeak…

    95% of every federal agency is corrupt and in the hands of the cabal. Especially the 3 letter agencies.

  12. @Cisco Kid, I think you nailed it. I’m certainly no doctor, but as I have said on here before, my maternal grandmom had dementia before she passed. Towards the(merciful) end, she had a very deep, phlegm filled cough that could not be cleared. As for an Ultra Maga taking to old bastard out, I’m more inclined to lean to MK Ultra. but it will be layed at Trump’s feet, regardless. Cheers!

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