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Twitter Still Blows Under Musk

Obama tweeted misinformation. He said the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. is death by gunfire.

That’s absolute bullshit. They are including people to the age of 19 in that stat to achieve the desired result. (If 19 year-olds are children then Obama sent children to war.)

I called him a typical lying scumbag and he should drop dead.

I was booted the second I tweeted it, as if they have an algorithm in place that protects Obama from harsh words. WHY?

The right is not protected. The left can say anything about anyone on the right and they are the ones protected. I have flagged calls for violence in tweets and nothing happens.

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  1. I knew, at ABC, a Vietnam combat Veteran who talked about exploding 5.56 bullets. He was, of course, full of shit, but it was hard to think he was such a fool. In all other discourse he was an above average dude — but believed in these magic bullets.

    How do you carry the rifle, use the rifle, know all about the rifle, kill the enemy with the rifle, and believe in fairy stories?

  2. I said that there’s no such thing as a transexual — never has been and likely never will be — and that anyone claiming that you can go from one sex to the other is either lying or delusional. And this was AFTER Musk bought Twitter. I was immediately locked out until I deleted the tweet, which I told them to fuck off — wasn’t gonna happen.

  3. Certain accounts (like 0bama’s and his man Big Mike) have bot protection. There is a list of names attached to them and they know the second you show up and “@” the protected account, no matter what you say, you will be instantly blocked, your post will not appear, or you get banned.

    Musk needs to take down Twitter and re-engineer it.
    The Feds still have control of it, like a virus, and he knows it.

  4. I want to spread hate & make direct threats to specific individuals. You will get banned.Then I want to cry like a little baby about it afterwards, fuckoff & go to hell.

  5. when are we going to address the real leading cause of death among approximately 840K children EVERY YEAR

    EVERY 40 SECONDS a child goes missing or is abducted mainly caused by human/sex trafficking

  6. MTG got put in twitta jail too for sharing trans day of vengeance

    “Twitter’s @ellagirwin claims no one was given a “strike” for warning the American people of political violence planned at the Supreme Court.
    Yet my official CONGRESSIONAL account was banned for 7 days for exposing Antifa’s plan for violence on the “Trans Day of Vengeance.”
    @elonmusk, can you explain?”

  7. @Eric = little 😭🤣🤧 baby. Trump lies continuously everyday. If someone like your sorry ass goes on Twitter & threatens lying Donny’s life they will be banned too. You don’t like it tough shit, cry baby.

  8. Oh hell, after Project Veritas fired James O’keefe and announced that they would continue to…(blah, blah, blah…)

    They had already lost 80,000 followers the previous night.

    …and I made the ‘mistake’ of posting the following, “Die, already” because I believed they had made a fatal mistake as far as their organization was concerned.

    Below is the reason given for my PERMANENT suspension.

    You may not threaten, incite, glorify, or express a desire for harm or violence.

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