Two Heartbeats Away

I don’t mean to keep you guys up at night, but this crunt would be president if something should happen to Trump and Pence.



Blame James Woods for this chilling reminder-

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  1. And if the newly elected young Dem socialists like Ocasio-Cortez don’t go along with with electing Pelosi speaker again which radical will it be?!

  2. This is true, but then again this would be a valid case to pursue the 25th amendment after all, she’s certifiably insane.

  3. Damn James Woods. Picture him as Press Secretary. Any White House word mincing machine would self-destruct and Liberal’s heads would explode world-wide.

  4. @old_oaks – [EDIT: Oops. I misread your comment. Yes, Pelosi has to be elected by the Dems to becomd Speaker. There may be some in-fighting there, though. Here’s the rest of the line of succession for anyone interested.]

    The Constitution says that if the president is unable for whatever reason, then the VP becomes president. Succession after that is up to Congress. The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 (plus subsequent amendments) lists this line of succession after the VP:

    • Speaker of the House
    • President pro tempore of the Senate
    • Secretary of State
    • Secretary of the Treasury
    • Secretary of War, 1947
     → Secretary of Defense[48]
    • Attorney General
    • Postmaster General, 1947–1970[49]
    • Secretary of the Navy, 1947[48]
    • Secretary of the Interior
    • Secretary of Agriculture
    • Secretary of Commerce
    • Secretary of Labor
    • Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1965–1979
     → Secretary of Health and Human Services[50]
    • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, since 1965
    • Secretary of Transportation, since 1966
    • Secretary of Energy, since 1977
    • Secretary of Education, since 1979
    • Secretary of Veterans Affairs, since 1988
    • Secretary of Homeland Security, since 2006

  5. Pure speculation that I hope never comes true, but a Pelosi presidency would be simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. I am thinking along the lines of the “Final Destination” horror series, only starring Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey and Zack Garifalakis as the Three Stooges trying to outdo each other with wacky antics in the midst of death and terror.

    It would be difficult to envision anyone less qualified to be President than Pelosi. The only bright spot would be the likely death of the Democrat party if she didn’t manage to destroy the United States in the process.

  6. With Trump’s backing Pelosi will become speaker of the house BECAUSE of her senility which will become apparent to all. I can just see 2020 campaign ads featuring her with the slogan “This is your mind on liberalism”.

  7. Trump is smart enough to know that she realizes that some cooperation with him will be necessary if they have any hope of keeping the house.
    They have the house but they are still hobbled and won’t get much done without the president. If all they want to do is hold hearings they’ll have a short stay.

  8. Can someone with the right connections convince her and RBG to go ice skating together in the near future?


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