Two Lawsuits Filed Challenging Transgender Military Ban

ACLU,  Lambda legal, and OutServe SLBN have filed two separate lawsuits challenging the White House’s recently announced formalized ban on transgenders serving in the military. Spokes people for the ACLU claim that the administration will have to provide evidence for why it is overturning a policy that was approved by the previous president based on “studies and testimony from military officials.”


When did we go from a man in a dress being a slightly rique’ joke fit for prime time television in the 70s to a right being demanded by the ACLU?

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  1. Dianny – Dead on. The plaintiffs do not have a liberty interest being imperiled. No constitutional right is impaired. The defense will file what is called a Rule 12b(6) motion to dismiss and the case should go away. Evetually it will.

  2. Here’s the thing: It is an honor and a privilege to serve. The main thing is you do if for your country, not for yourself. These people clearly are doing it for themselves — at least that is what is uppermost in their minds. They should put their energy toward someone/thing other than themselves for a while to learn what it means to place country and duty ahead of yourself.

  3. Not fair to include image of Max Klinger. Klinger was supposed to be straight, but used the cross dressing to pretend he is crazy. So, Klinger was showing that any guy who wanted to dress as a woman must be crazy enough to get thrown out of the Army. That’s just the opposite of the idiotic transgender argument where they claim pretending to be something you are not, makes you into tha which you are not.
    In any case, the Klinger argument would not work today. Now, they would force Hawkeyes and Trapper to do a field surgical procedure to remove Klinger’s little Max.

    Tonight, Tucker had an LGBQXYZZ advocate on arguing about a proposal to imprison someone who uses the wrong pronoun. So, how would that work out in court? We refer to Bruce Jenner or Bradley a Manning as a “he” when they think they are “she” how do the prosecute for someone who is backed up by real science.
    Oh, I forgot, real science and settled since refer only to fake science of global warming, but sex or gender are whatever you want them to be and life only begins after the baby is removed from the mother’s body.

  4. Well it will hit 9th district and they will say it’s unconstitutional because, insert retarted liberal agreement that had nothing to do with law here. It will drag out until it hits supreme court And they won’t do anything about it giving the left another bullshit half win just like everything else trump has done.

  5. Say there boys and girls, how bout a game of REALITY? Let those limp wristed gay commie lawyers, and the mis wired weirdos they’re defending, play a round of Real World Army. Take them to war. Put the commie fag lawyers up front and have the trans gendered weirdos right behind them as ISIS and the muslims attack. Should be a dead issue in about, oh, say, 3 minutes?

  6. Currently, service in the US Armed Forces is a Voluntary choice.
    Those who do not find such service acceptable need not Volunteer.
    Apparently, Transgender persons are not available for Service for 235 days of each year. Transgender people also expect the DoD to fund their medical costs of “conversion” (?). The President is the Commander in Chief of all Military forces. As such, he may singularly decide the conditions of Voluntary Service. Those who do not care for his choices are not invited to voluntarily serve, and those who do serve, may decide to take their choices elsewhere. Seriously. Does any thinking person believe the purpose of the DoD is to fund transgender choices? The Citizens are entitled to National Defense under a Commander in Chief who exacts Readiness, Availability, Ability, and Results, from those who Volunteer to be Paid by the Citizens. What part of this is not obvious to anyone?

  7. @Anon The observation was from a cultural perspective, as in when did we from a society that found a man in a dress absurd the point of ridiculous humor to members of our society seriously considering the troubled / damaged transgender have the right to a place in today’s military and in your observation having Uncle Sam pay for a mutilating surgery?

  8. This is simple proof that the ACLU, Lambda legal, and OutServe SLBN, have absolutely NO common sense and that their main objective is to phuck America and reap rewards while doing so.

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