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Two Sunken Car Wheels Up

The new film about Ted Kennedy’s worst personal failing, “Chappaquiddick,” was given an early screening in Boston. Howie Carr attended and while he’ll never be a film critic (Warning: Numerous Spoilers), he has me willing to stand in line to see this movie. More





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  1. It’s sad that the elites are above the rule of law. The Dems sure have benefited from this perq.

  2. And the Baseline for the Democratic party was set !

  3. Handling the establishment elite hasn’t changed over the decades.

  4. Can’t wait to see this movie. Wish the lying, cheating, drunken driver was around to see the truth finally come out.

  5. Chris Kennedy is running for governor of Illinois. (Why anyone would want that position is a mystery and a probable sign of mental illness). Now his campaign slogan “we’ll drive off that bridge when we get to it” makes sense.

  6. @marco. Dont worry he can see it and he will relive it for eternity. The rich man went to hell and lazarus to paradise.the rich man could see lazarus and asked for a drop of water to cool the heat. Etc….it ain’t ever over for the wicked.😎

  7. We conservatives may be deplorable, but at least we’re not despicable.


  8. It was an assignation attempt on Teddy. He knew it. He was being chased or run off the road. That explains why he did such odd things after the car went into the water – he didn’t want his attackers to know he was still alive. IMO, of course.

  9. Just think, in another forty years, people will be lining up to see “Bathhouse Barry” and “My Life As America’s First Bisexual Communist President.”

  10. I’m not reading the review if it contains spoilers. I don’t want to know what happened
    at Chappaquiddick until I see the movie.


  11. I hope the movie is factually correct, and not politically adjusted, like they do in real life. We already got that version…

  12. The neck brace was the mistake. Not leaving the scene of an accident and sentencing a woman to die terrified and alone. Quite the stand up guy always look out for himself.

  13. srdem65 – Yes, those assassins were from the planet Bacardi.

  14. Actually, it was the assignation that drowned another Kennedy Presidency.

  15. Mary Jo was the first casualty in the Democrat war on women.

  16. Glad Bruce Dern’s in it – you gotta go O-L-D school “weird” to PROPERLY portray a Kennedy! 😳

  17. Funny how the same media that is obsessed with how much Stormy Daniels was supposedly paid, were/are remarkably incurious about how much the Kennedy’s paid Mary Jo’s parents for their silence.

  18. @Tony R ~ & now dems are paying Seth Rich’s family

    … kinda of a pattern, ain’t it?

    btw, ‘spoilers’? … don’t we already know how this ends?

  19. & if you ever get a chance, read Leo Damore’s excellent book on this … ‘Senatorial Privilege’

  20. A more brutal story couldn’t be told about a more deserving asshole family.

  21. @Cynic March 14, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    > It’s sad that the elites are above the rule of law.

    Even more sad is flag standing, heart covering, patriotic Americans, holding on to the story (just like Elizabeth Warren) that the same truth does not, not even a smidgen, mean that the rule of law is morally lower than a progressive pol. Sad.

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