Two weeks redux

Patriot Retort: Say, remember 15 days to slow the spread? Yup. What a bunch of gullible dopes so many Americans turned out to be. Like Charlie Brown and the football, they fell for the “it’s just two weeks” BS hook like and sinker.

You can do this for two weeks. It isn’t asking too much. Come on, everybody! Do you’re your part. We’re all in this togetherTM!

Then two weeks turned into a month. The month turned in six months. Then a year. And here we are miles and miles away from that initial two weeks and Federal and state governments are prepping for Two Weeks Redux.

And they’re using all the same BS on us that they did last time: Do your part to slow the spread! Get vaccinated! Just wear a mask for two weeks! We’re all in this togetherTM and blah-blah-friggin’-blah.

Today, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, like Lucy setting up the football, explained that all they’re asking for is a couple of weeks. That’s it. Just two weeks. You can do that on your head, folks. Two weeks and we’re done. Honest Injun. You can totally take that to the bank! more

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  2. According to Dan Crenshaw and Marjorie Green, the CDC used one study from India to legitimize the mask mandate. That study was rejected by peer review but the CDC used it anyway.

  3. I don’t see this ever ending. We’re stuck with covid until the end of times. Best it’ll do is fall into small clusters in some remote parts of the globe only to reemerge in highly populated areas all over again. Even if all Americans are vaccinated and the virus is completely eradicated here, like liberals should be, it’s just a matter of time before everyone’s shot wears off and some hippie comes back on a flight from some shithole and we’re right back to square 1. That’s the best we can hope for. That’s why I won’t get the jab: It’s just a matter of time before they’ll want you to do it all over again. Heck, they’re already calling for the third shot. More poison, please.

  4. I’ve been trying to get Covid for a year and a half. Now I’m supposed to trust the science and get the jab?

    Fuck the hell off.

  5. I’m encountering more and more “vaccinated” people with chronic, stuffy noses and low energy levels.

  6. “I don’t see this ever ending.”

    I think it might have already ended. Even the Hollywierd types are figuring out we’re getting played. Every one I speak to in my little world are saying bull shit on the masks.

  7. @ Brad JULY 29, 2021 AT 1:24 PM

    Even people with college degrees in physics fall for the nonsensical Mpemba effect and run their tap until water gets as hot as possible before filling ice trays. The Mpemba effect is nonsense in as much as it would never apply to an ice tray placed in a freezer. ONLY under strictly controlled circumstances can this be made to happen and the time difference is miniscule, to say the least. In a common freezer/ice tray the laws of thermodynamics are observed and reaching freezing temperature is a function of heat content of the water going in, temperature of the freezer and time. It really is as simple as that, but I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed someone with an degree in physics or engineering standing around running the hot water tap before filling an ice tray.

  8. You’re going to get the vax or you’re going to prison. The choice is yours. I personally believe that every conservative should go to prison for January 6, but I’ll settle for antivaxxers being locked up.

  9. You guys just don’t get – it ain’t ever, ever going away – the left has it and will now use it.

    Ezekiel 3: 17 – Be a watchman:

    Here is my prophecy for today

    Covid and its “variants” leading to vaccinations is a gateway for greater oppression and suppression of the American people with a goal of both population decrease (“decease the surplus population”) and the destruction of the American identity (patroitism/nationalism/exceptionalism).

    We will see the government imposing sanctions that eventually suspend both habeas corpus and impose marital law. “Passports” and identity authorizations will be required to travel. All communications will be monitored, censored, and/or blocked for content and ideology (someone like Adam Schiff will become propaganda minister).

    No one will be allowed to participate in the marketplace without regime authorization or credentials and this will include health care, food and drug access, and social activities and leisure pursuits.

    People will discover that the early covid vaccines were the groundwork for fundamental physical changes in human genes that require either periodic boosters or injections to maintain “good health.” Our very bodies will be taken hostage and used to guarantee compliance with government mandates. Most if not all businesses will be nationalized and staffed as bureaucrats see fit. If not employed in menial tasks you will be provided a sustenance income.

    The upshot of this message is this: The Chinese are waging biowarfare that targets human genetics with a stated goal of world dominion. Their helpers are everywhere in government, big tech, big pharma, and business.

    You fellow American are in the way. You fellow Christian, are in the way. You fellow Conservative, are in the way. You fellow lover of the constitution, are in the way. You fellow lover of the truth, are in the way.

    You must be eliminated or neutralized. You must be put back into the herd were no individuals can exits.

    This why covid now. It started specifically with a stolen election and is progressing at a speed that takes your breath away.

    That is my message for today. Call me crazy but in 6 months you may call me a prophet..

  10. JDHasty

    There’s educated, there’s indoctrinated, and there’s common sense.
    Wearing a mask that filter down to 350 microns to protect yourself from a virus thats spore size is as small as 95 microns makes no sense.
    Spiking Protein levels at the cellular level through you RNA not only does not make sense, but sounds scary as hell. Especially if those people with the jab are still getting infected.
    But what really doesn’t make any sense is letting some insecure little asshole tell us what to do when he changes his mind every 5 seconds. Don,t wear a mask, wear a mask, wear multiple masks, if you have the jab you don’t need a mask. He’s an idiot.

  11. JdHasty It looks like your link to the invalidity of the Mpemba effect is BS:
    “We carried out two types of experiments: the first was designed to mimic the experiments of Mpemba & Osborne8, and the second was designed to avoid any formation of ice, and thereby avoid issues associated with phase change”
    “In the first set of experiments, our ‘Mpemba style’ experiments, three samples of water each of mass 400 g…
    The temperature of the thermocouples within each water samples were recorded at 1 second intervals throughout the experiment and the time taken for the temperature of each sample to first fall to 0 °C denoted as t0 = {6397, 9504, 10812}s, respectively”

    The Mpemba effect never said that water got to freezing faster by starting at a higher temperature. The Mpemba effect got the water to “freeze” faster. at O degrees, water isn’t ice. It takes time to form a solid and it takes energy. That experiment only gets the temperature to “0” degrees where water will freeze but the time it takes to form a solid was not measured.

    So the article appears to prove nothing

  12. Larry The Liberal
    The ones that should go to prison, are those to STUPID to think for themselves.
    “Ignorance can be fixed, Stupid can’t.”

  13. This is bullshit. States can’t go on like this. Gangs will take over large areas, and the crime will be insane.

  14. All for a bug easily treatable with HCQ & zinc. Glad we brought some back from our Cancun trip because you still can’t get it here. But take the jab and all will be well.

  15. @:::::

    I think I just got over the covid. Must have been the Delta variant, because it was weak stuff. No, I didn’t get tested, and I’m not going to. The tests are crap, anyway. Right now, I’m sitting in the food court at HMart, watching the masks walk by and testing my new immunity.

  16. We still don’t know if it’s covid or the flu, their PCR test is a joke. Wonder how long they knew about that but kept banging the drum.

  17. I got covid and the damned lasting side effect that pisses me off most is the constant itch in my trigger finger.

  18. Heard on the news this AM, some gov’t fool saying, “It’s the unvaccinated reinfecting the vaccinated.”

    I nearly missed the stoplight.

  19. I remember reading somewhere that the Covid symptoms would now resemble hay fever or allergies, which they said at the beginning of hay fever/ allergy season. I expect come fall the symptoms will be changed to resemble cold and flu. Guess there’s people dumb enough to believe this crap. My plans for the museum of critical thinking are on hold again as I will have to get ahold of my Architect to again draw up plans for a smaller venue.

  20. Hey DT, I think you’ll need negative space. Should you find an architect to…accommodate that, please let me know; there are many I’d wish to direct to your house of musing.

  21. I’ve lost the ability to care. Everyone in power is flat out lying. I don’t trust any of the numbers being spouted.
    If the Red Chinese plague gets me? So be it.

    I only social distance because I don’t like people much.

    And if I hear the word ‘mandate’ one more time I’m gonna lose it. I will not be mandated to. Dictated to.

  22. @PHenry
    I had the ‘rona last Thanksgiving. It’s not as bad as a real Flu, but it’s similar. Felt like I could manage to go into work, whereas with the Flu, I had a fever of 105, but was too stupid by that point to seek help.

  23. I think they’re missing an opportunity here. We know that the Delta variant is more contagious but less deadly, so here’s the opportunity for people who haven’t already had the virus to get it and gain natural immunity.

    I’ve read two places this past week that naturally acquired immunity (through infection and recovery) is the way to go, one study out of Israel and one from a guy at Johns Hopkins who’s been studying covid-19. Of course, I also have naturally acquired immunity from an infection in November so I may be biased on this point.

    This proposal, however, doesn’t suit the preferred narrative so it’ll never see the light of day beyond this suggestion right here.



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