Typical Social Media Cow Says Colin Powell Wasn’t Vaccinated and the Unvaxxed Killed Him

Why am I singling out this load? Why not?

This is the boilerplate icon for the disgusting leftards who, sadly, have a loud voice.

What a vile ****

Ht/ woody

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  1. Using her logic, what if Colin was around other cancer patients who weren’t vaccinated, is it still the fault of unvaccinated or are we going to blame cancer patients now?

  2. I”m so sorry that you believe my not falling for the vaccine scam has caused someone to die. As for your concerns for people’s health, Honey Boo Boo, you might want to think about laying off Golden Corral for a while.

  3. A clear example of the replacement of education with indoctrination. I predict a new DSM entry in another decade or so when these deluded youngsters realize they have never had an original thought their entire lives.

    This young woman cannot face up to her BMI problem and blaming others for her own possible covid infection and death thereby means she doesn’t have to.

    Fun Fact: In many quarters of the medical industry, including pharmaceutical, the term “morbid obesity” is being replaced with the kinder, gentler “over fat”.

  4. There is a utube site where the operator puts
    up a montage vid of these tick-tick freaks.
    The little shits will not survive if S hits the fan…

  5. I hope she asked for a DOUBLE DOSE when she got jabbed cause the standard jab ain’t gonna do shit for the load……

  6. Anybody who knows knows that Colin Powell has been flown to Guantánamo Bay to stand trial and is currently giving up everybody else in the cabal. Covid is just a cover story.

    Change my mind.

  7. I know a nurse who caught Covid and recovered. It is a real disease. Now her blood is full of antibodies, several times higher than a vaccine would provide. Her doctor told her she needed to be vaccinated anyway, because science.

    She got another doctor. Because science.

  8. Is that ham planet nekkid? 🤢🤮 Her morbidly obese ass should be worried about the extra 100+ pounds she’s hauling around. That will kill her quicker than the coof.

  9. “Why am I singling out this load? Why not?”
    When I first read that, I thought it said,
    “Why am I SINGING out this TOAD? Why not?”

    I plead too much blood in the caffeine stream, and allergies.

  10. HUH? He couldn’t get vaccinated because he had cancer?! Dan Bongino got vaccinated specially because he had cancer and a compromised immune system. They just can’t admit it isn’t safe and effective. But then again she doesn’t look like she knows anything about health and promoting a healthy immune system.

  11. Bongino vaccinated?. Shit, can’t listen to him now either. Any conservative commentator who went and got the jab has zero credibility with me. You just can’t be both.

  12. Buck Fiden OCTOBER 21, 2021 AT 11:03 AM


    Only her doctor suggested she get a new physician because they both work for the same health system and her doctor couldn’t give her the exemption without incurring problems with the employer.

  13. Since Mz. Waddle Waddle is so adamant about the China jab she should get as many boosters as possible.
    The third “vaccine” jab will probably make her safe from the unjabbed in the same way Colin Powell is now.


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