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U.K. lifts ban on women in combat roles

LONDON, July 8 (UPI) — Women in the British military will serve on the front lines, as Prime Minister David Cameron lifted a ban on female soldiers in combat Friday.

After previously serving in support roles, women will enter the cavalry – which largely involves aerial reconnaissance, despite the archival name — infantry and armored corps, a change prompted by a two-year review by the Ministry of Defense and a recommendation to Cameron by Gen. Sir Nick Charles, chief of the general staff. The review found no evidence women could not cope with the physical requirements of combat roles.

“I agree with his (Charles’) advice and have accepted his recommendation. I have asked that this is implemented as soon as possible. It is vital that our armed forces are world class and reflect the society we live in. Lifting this ban is a major step. It will ensure the armed forces can make the most of all their talent and increase opportunities for women to serve in the full range of roles,” Cameron said at the NATO summit in Warsaw Friday in announcing the overturning of the ban.


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  1. “Monkey see; Monkey do.”

    “The Suicide of the West.”

    You cannot convince me that ALL these people are imbeciles.
    Sorry – it wobbles the mind – and is statistically improbable.

    There are reasons for the judgments of History – even if we try to ignore them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. What a crock. I remember taking my physical fitness test for the PD and watching the women struggle to do one push up or one pull up. The guys were judged harshly for their efforts (lock those elbows!) while the women were given credit if they just grunted loud enough.

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