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U of M Football On Strike In Support of Suspended Team Mates


Yesterday the entire rooster of the University of Minnesota football team boycotted practice and have stated their intention to not  participate in any sporting activity until the university lifts the suspension of 10 players for an alleged sexual assault that happened in September.

A criminal investigation of the alleged incident was conducted resulting in no charges or arrest. Nonetheless, the U of M’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committee  decided Tuesday to suspend 10 players indefinitely.

If Minnesota does not field a team, the NCAA will invite Northern Illinois to face Washington State in the upcoming Holiday Bowl.


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  1. Wake me up when they demand the university’s donors hold onto their funds until after the university employees that participated in — both making and implementing — the decision have all been fired.

  2. She slammed 6 or 7 shots of hard liquor(if she admitted to that many…), went with a man to his apartment, pulled a train but didn’t remember much and was seen the next morning on a video decidedly playful.

    She was just acting slutty and feels remorseful. Too bad she’s going to try and ruin their lives.

    But more importantly, I hope this is a fucking cluebat for young men in college. Ya gotta wonder with the culture of rape that SJW are pushing on college campuses why any sensible man would go any where near a train wreck like this woman.

    Good for these players standing up for their team mates. Got to be a real heart breaker to miss a bowl game.

  3. “…until due process is followed and the suspensions for all 10 players involved are lifted…”

    There is no due process with this cause du jour.

    Crying sexual assault has become the new “morning after” pill for terminating a slut’s guilty conscience.

  4. What should be suspended immediately is the U of M’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committee

    Can you say some 400 pound black creature that has never been with a man is running this freak show office…..appointed ONLY per a quota and the color of “it’s” skin…….Colleges are a lost cause anymore

  5. Let’s talk Character.

    Who among you would have participated in such an act either as the young woman or as one of the young men?

    Is this the level of character that would be representative of the Universities, alumni, NCAA or generally acceptable character/behavior for the youth in the US?

  6. Lemme see here. Hillary was investigated, not charged, not arrested. Then suspended from the game for the next four quarters, err years. Maybe permanently.

    Now her supporters are being the biggest whiny sore losers in history. Fully prepared to destroy the team, the university, a err the country because a group of others with a different view of her previous actions decided the legal system may have let her off the hook, but there must still be consequences.

    I’ll have ponder a while about what the similarities & differences might be comparing the Hillary saga and tale of the football team before I can decide if it would be justice to support the team or if that would be a double standard way of thinking. Because I opted to suspend Hillary.

  7. Time for the university staff to put an end to this nonsense. Shut down the politically correct boards. Put the savings into retirements. This waste of time and money horse shit is why I’ll do everything in my power to block bail outs of Educator’s pensions.

  8. Not enough evidence to support rape, but enough evidence to support bad conduct contrary to the university’s code. It sounds like the school did the right thing.

    In light of the team’s actions, I would disband the team for the balance of the season.

  9. Jill Stein move by the football team …. only 11 days left before a bowl game & they are basically holding hostage the entire bowl game.

    there’s not enough time for the substitute Illinois team to try to gear back up & have enough time to practice for the bowl game during the Christmas break …. not enough time for the U of M to respond to the snowflakes demands before the bowl game …. not fair to the other team, that has been setting up a game plan to play the U of M … not fair to the bowl backers, sponsors, alumni, tv $, etc.

    I assume the school has an ‘ethics violation’ clause for players … most schools do… looks like it might have been violated … these snowflakes are on scholarships at the pleasure of the school, not the other way around

    Missou has just moved into ‘spoiled athlete mode’ IMO … .really getting tired of these pampered assholes …

    ‘eff’ ’em …. shut the program down, figure out who wants to come back next year, apologize to the bowl committee, their opponent & Illinois for the brats behavior & move on

  10. A group of government funded entertainers, and possible snowflakes, attacks a group of government funded feminists, and definite snowflakes, over the latter’s extrajudicial Star Chamber attacks against the former. And some valiant white knights rush to the defense of the government funded feminists, with the battle cry of “Muh Printhiples!”.

    I just wish there were some shorthand we could agree on for “those who wrap themselves in ‘traditional values’ to keep ‘progressives’ in power”. That’s too long to keep retyping.

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