U.S. and Palestinian Collusion-The Leaked Document: Is It Authentic?

Leaked to an Egyptian website.


Leaked Document: U.S. Colluded With Palestinians 10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote
If authentic, the document, leaked to an Egyptian website, confirms some of the claims voiced in Israel against Obama since the UN vote against the settlements last week.

According to the leaked document, Rice told the Palestinian delegation that the Trump administration was very dangerous for them because his positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict differed from those of all American administrations since 1967. Rice recommended that the Palestinians take seriously what Trump’s advisers were saying about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel.
The document quotes Rice as asking Erekat what the Palestinians would do if Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and made it possible for Israel to annex part of the West Bank. It quotes Erekat as replying that the Palestinians would immediately join 16 UN agencies in which they were not yet members, retract the PLO’s recognition of Israel, freeze security cooperation and diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, make Israel responsible for the management of daily life in the PA, and call on all Arab countries to expel U.S. ambassadors.
State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner responded to the report and denied the contents of the document. Toner said that Kerry did not discuss the American position regarding the Security Council resolution in his meeting with Erekat and the Palestinian delegation.
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  1. Please tell me this is a hanging offense. This guy ain’t that smart and he’s way over confident. Expected to happen before now.

  2. All Israel needs to do is ignore bath house barry and the UN. Any attempt at coercing will be met with military resistance. Mossad should be unleashed on Barry with military and surgical precision. Any attempt by Barry to set our troops on Israel will be met with HELL NO and Congress intervention/nullification. Teapot Tempest Soetero is a shitpickle.

  3. O Please Brad. No Marines. The Israelis are very capable lads and lassies. And they don’t need “advisors.” Just sayin.’

  4. Obama knows Trump is competent enough to perhaps negotiate some kind of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
    Obama is so jealous of that possibility, and the exposure of his bias and incompetence, he is going to try to outright sabotage the possibility of peace beforehand.

  5. Tommy, all this time and they can’t seal the deal. Just sayen an American fight force lead by a Reagan or Trump would be second to none. But then again I’m prejudice, I bleed red white and blue.

  6. I don’t see why the Egyptians would lie. Obayme
    failed at turning them into a “muzlim spring” chaos
    crowd like libya. His admin have destroyed any chance
    at peace for the next decade. This lawn dart toss
    at Israel should be expected. He’s trying to
    turn the entire world over to the muzzies.

  7. for some reason i am reminded of the series “Hunting Hitler” on History channel. Turns out the suicide and the bodies the Rooskies found were not The Fuhrer and his Mrs.

    If history repeats itself, it needs to finish the job properly.

  8. Hey Brad the last deal they made was between Bagin and Sadat. Egypt and Israel. You can watch the Sadat assassination on youtube or google. Jimmy Carter was the man of the century. They all got Nobel Peace prizes. What a fucking joke. The mussies have to be

    bombed and beaten into submission and then re educated. There is no other answer.

  9. Obongo and his gorilla wife can’t go back to the jungle soon enough. I hope Trump can repair 8 years of damage that this bint has done.

  10. Trump should appoint Arpaio to get to the bottom of the ‘Obama situation’ and destroy that lying POS in the first year of retiremnt

  11. BO could well have the US lose all influence in the ME.
    When the IS crosses Arab countries over Israel, they will “migrate” to Russia.

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