UK County Council To Turn Oxford into A “15 Minute City” By Locking Down Automobile Access – IOTW Report

UK County Council To Turn Oxford into A “15 Minute City” By Locking Down Automobile Access

The Daily Sceptic

Oxford County Council is going to trial a scheme whereby the residents of the city are divided into seven zones, with movement by car between the zones restricted to 100 trips per year. Eric Worrall on Watts Up With That? has more. Here

Details of the plan from the Oxford Mail. Here

h/t Paul Joseph Watson

18 Comments on UK County Council To Turn Oxford into A “15 Minute City” By Locking Down Automobile Access

  1. Anyone else believe that Electric cars will set you free?

    All part of the plan of limiting Human Mobility.

    By limited range, expensive fuel, or bricking your car by electronic means.

  2. First things First
    Inquiring Minds and Hungry Hearts need to know???

    How warm are those BitCoins keepong those little peoples living on Chapel Hill>

    Notice the question wasn’t How full are those BitCoin stomachs since we know you can’t eat them, theororetically.

    Eat Me BitCoin Grifters

  3. “And he (a county council travel chief) insisted the controversial plan would go ahead whether people liked it or not.”

  4. Guess what I just heard?

    Well, not just now.
    Like yesterday or day before that,
    Anyways, it was some High Up Canadian Big Wig talking
    About Private Property
    He flat out said it
    “Canadians do not own private property” and then went on to call it some Big Words that mean it belongs to them when they decide they want it.

    And How.

    No Sh#t, I heard it with my ears and the media is totally mum.

    Sorry for off topic but I’m listening to Red Barchetta at the moment.

  5. Remember back in December 2019 – February of 2020 when I was posting that the deliberate, systematic and coordinated effort to shut down public comments sections in every local newspaper around the world as well as comments sections of sites like Yahoo suggested to me that The Party was preparing to launch a major offensive on real Americans? Well, the offensive was broader and it is a well planned, deliberate, systematic and coordinated assault on freedom loving people around the world.

  6. Of course they do not intend that this travel restriction apply to the Party leadership. Freedom of movement is a fundamental right and the bastards fully intend to restrict exercise of that right to themselves too.

  7. Presumably foot traffic between zones is not restricted, for now. But people will see exemptions granted to favored individuals and realize that some zones are more livable and better resourced. The town will fracture socially and this will be met with more severe restrictions and require heavier levels of security and monitoring.

    It is obvious that none of this has anything to do with climate change, or disease control.

  8. Subjects are ALWAYS subjected to subjection.
    They will eat shit and like it.
    Turning the UK into a stone-age culture so the ragheads will feel more at home.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Nothing new, really. London has has ULEZ since the late 80’s. It means Ultra Low Emission Zone. Kinda like EZ pass for tolls over here, only they tax the type of vehicle you drive. Range Rovers & the like get hammered if they want to go to the city center. Drive a government approved shitbox & it is around a fiver. The genius brain of Ken Livingstone has been hard at work fleecing the people of London as long a Biden has been robbing people over here. Last I remember, he lives the high life in Knightsbridge. Like Georgetown over here, only more expensive. Who says crime doesn’t pay?


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