UK: In Muslim-majority prison, non-Muslims forced to convert

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JihadWatch: “Inmates told Liebling and her researchers that they were often bullied into converting to Islam, and those who resisted were too scared to cook pork in communal kitchens in case it caused offence.” Well, then! Those who dared cause offense to Muslims deserved everything they got, right?

Everyone knows that you can’t go around “provoking” Muslims and “poking them in the eye,” and if you dare to do so, whatever happens to you is your fault, right? That is the core assumption of our ruling elites, as well as of the mainstream media, the churches, etc. Everyone knows that when a bully confronts you, you give him what he wants. Right?

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  1. Years ago I had to train a bunch of Muzzies from Saudi. I often brought deer sausage for lunch and when they would ask what it was I’d tell them deer sausage and offer them some. I never told them it was fifty percent pork.

  2. They are something like 55% of the prison population over there.
    The thing for some poor infidel inmate to do would be to sharpen his tooth brush and stab every one of those stinking moslem bastards in the neck with it if they so much as look at him crossways.
    They’ll respect that action.

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