Federal Judge: Texas Can CONTINUE NOT Issuing Birth Certificate for Anchor Babies

CPR: This is why I love Texas and worry about the common sense and sanity of those in Sacramento—especially the very confused Guv Brown. Texas has no income or corporation tax, so it can steal California jobs and firms. Immediately upon reaching Texas, workers and corporations get a 10% raise—without spending an extra dime on wages—or paying the money to a corrupt and wasteful government.


Now, Texas has understood the Constitution and refuses to give birth certificates to anchor babies—babies born here from mothers that are in the United States illegally. The United States is the only nation in the world that makes citizens of those here illegally.

“If you remember, a group of undocumented immigrants sued the state because it refused to issue birth certificates saying certain types of identification cards issued by foreign governments could not be used. more

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  1. This reminds me, I need to thank Obama, His policies resulted a change in my state, North Carolina. His failed policies managed to give republicans total control of all 3 branches of government here for the first time since reconstruction. For the first time since the 19th century, we hold all control. With that control, our leaders are lowering taxes on a 3 year plan to be the one of the lowest taxed stat in the country! Without Obama that would have never happened. Revenue is up, employment is up, salaries are up!

    Thanks Barry!

  2. Amen, Menderman. North Carolina is doing quite well, despite the pushback by the left’s special interest groups. No wonder the NC Democrat dimwits are promoting rabid leftist NC Attorney General Roy Cooper – he refused to defend the state’s amendment potecting one man/one woman traditional marriage. NC Democrats are determined to put North Carolina in the poor house – just like Illinois.

  3. Anchor babies will prove to be what drags our liberties through muck and mire. Illegals limit and hinder our rights as legal citizens to determine our own fate in this nation because they are not expected to have any allegiance to the United States. Good news from Texas, though. Hope more states will have the fortitude to break those anchor baby chains.

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