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A War on Cash – Making it illegal to use casheesh

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  1. Cash, is a free currency. Free transactions, legal or not.
    We’re all aware of a future cashless society.
    Y’know, the one where you can no longer buy or sell, freely.
    “Yeah, good for the environment “.
    “Yeah, cuts down on trees”.
    “Yeah, now all can be traced”.
    “Yeah, now we no longer need a nationalized bank note”.

    Christians will be hated, persecuted, eradicated, unless they submit, which the Creator, forbids.

  2. This is more than a bit of perversion of the facts.
    The banks don’t want to hold large amounts of cash (actually balances, they don’t have the cash itself.) Due to government regulations regarding liquidity ratios.
    When a bank says “cash” they are not referring to physical currency or paper money. They are talking about the value of the balance.
    In this market and economy there is nothing productive that a bank can do with the money, so the high balances are creating a cost without a return.
    Sweden has solved this issue with negative interest rates on balances, and it has been successful.
    Obungle Bunny flooded the markets with cash, so naturally it is starting to pile up. The banks are not the problem here, it is the criminal syndicate in Washington DC that is the problem.

  3. Even if they were real born again Christians, what in Heaven would be a rewarding afterlife to those who’ve pursued law, banking, politics, gubmint, etc. who thoroughly feel their souls must be attached to those professions? Sounds like a lot of scum are going to be a tad bit disappointed in their future.

    “Sounds like someones’ got a case of the Mondays.”

  4. For readers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…
    “Negative Interest Rates” means you deposit $100 in your bank account and, a year later, you get $98 back.

  5. We made it illegal to own (confiscation) gold in 1933 as a means to bail out the Federal Reserve Bank. By the way, in 1933, gold was $20.67 per troy oz.

  6. People will use something else as a medium of exchange. If not silver and gold coins, probably silver and gold jewelry. Hell, some small shops are *already* accepting silver and coins as payment.

    If that all somehow gets Obama’ed out of existence, people will use the old urban barter standby: bottles of Tide laundry detergent.

  7. Most people are used to that due to bank fees attached to accounts. Even with an interest bearing account you need a fairly large balance just to cancel out the fees.

  8. I would like to know why it is not considered a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

  9. I have never, ever, paid any type of fee to a bank just in order for them to hold my money. It’s against my principles. My interests, too, for that matter.


  10. Cops tend not to enforce laws against ubiquitous petty crimes. It’s illegal to spit on the sidewalk or jaywalk, but I see people do it every day without consequences.

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