UK Urged to Impose Tobacco-Style Sin Taxes to Slash Meat Consumption

Breitbart: Sky-high sin taxes on meat have been branded “inevitable” in Britain after a study asserted that the move could “save hundreds of thousands of lives” as well as helping stop climate change.

Researchers at Oxford University urged ministers to consider the move, claiming that hiking the cost of red meat by 14 per cent and processed meat by 79 per cent could prevent 5,920 deaths in Britain a year and save the NHS an annual sum of £750 million on healthcare costs.

Lead researcher Dr Marco Springmann, from the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, said: “The consumption of red and processed meat exceeds recommended levels in most high and middle-income countries.

“This is having significant impacts not only on personal health, but also on healthcare systems, which are taxpayer-funded in many countries, and on the economy, which is losing its labour force due to ill health and care for family members who fall ill.  more here

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  1. But have they factored in the health care savings due to early mortality of meat-eaters? It may be a net gain rather than loss.

    (That’s a might nice looking rib-eye! Gimme!)

  2. If they’re gonna tax beef and pork high enough so meat isn’t affordable any longer, then some folks will start eating those nicely tax-payer fattened bureaucrats and politicians.

  3. @Bad_Brad – They figured out scurvy and they eat enough of those yucky brussel sprouts to keep that disease at bay. Insufficient protein, though, appears to be a mystery to them, and that brings on kwashiorkor.

    Whatever you do, don’t do image searches on nutritional diseases like scurvy, kwashiorkor, beriberi, pellagra, goiter, etc.

  4. @Bad_Brad – I sure hope that awful fire isn’t anywhere near where you are. Sorry, but I don’t remember the general area where you live. It would be good if you and yours were hundreds of miles away.

  5. Uncle Al

    I’m good. But I’m worried about GoldenFox. She posted earlier this morning and she’s somewhat north of this fire but it’s a monster. AA just said Gerard Van der Luen got out. his thing went from 5,000 acres this morning to 18,000 acres mid afternoon. CalFire gets real stubborn. They need to tap out and call the Forrest service in.

  6. Make them first show ill health from consuming red meat proven by un-flawed accurate RCT (random controlled trial) studies. I doubt they can unless the rct study reveals the real source of health troubles comes from the antibiotics fed to the cattle.

    otoh – they’d better hit their declared target by aiming their proposed tax increase on sugar, refined carbohydrates or seed oils where rct studies have proven health problems from over consumption. Something known for decades and ignored.

    However, what people eat should be left up to them to reject harmful foods and choose healthier nutrient dense foods instead. Why do governments think they have authority or expertise to tell people what to eat?

  7. @Bad_Brad (at 11:05 pm): Is it wrong of me that I read that as “Gerard Van der Loin”?

    DAMN these meat-related posts!


    P.S. – Just kidding – glad you’re safe. Hope all the rest of the folks are out of harm’s way too. All the Conservatives anyway, for sure.)

  8. The “no gonads” Brits deserve
    this ridiculous stupidity they so
    disgustingly earned by selling
    out to socialism. “Feel safe” in
    those government issued rabbit
    holes you sad fools.

  9. Soooo … limey men should only be allowed to eat tube steak, trouser trout, soy, and tofu – seasoned with boy butter?

    From the “Greatest Fucking Empire on Earth” to the “Worst Sucking Empire on Earth” in two generations!


    Bend over and take it like men, Brits! You’ve replaced the musselmens’ goats!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Hell, I’ll grow my own cow if I have to! NO ONE will deprive me of meat!

    Grrrrrrrr * angry dog growling over a bone as he looks this way and that to keep others at bay *


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