Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?

AT: Dan Bongino recently conducted a fascinating interview with George Papadopoulos. The most convenient way to digest the interview is at Jeff Carlson’s blog, which has a link to the interview on Bongino’s radio show as well as a full transcript of the interview. What emerges from the interview is, in my view, convincing evidence that Papadopoulos was, in Chuck Ross’s words, the target of an “FBI sting.”

Actually, that characterization doesn’t even go far enough. What seems clear at this point is that the FBI — representing the US Government and as an agency of the Department of Justice — targeted Papadopoulos and attempted to manipulate him into appearing to be a vehicle for Russian influence in the Trump campaign. The FBI had no reason to believe that Papadopoulos had any connections to Russian officials before they targeted him. The fact is, Papadopoulos’s academic background and previous experience was in what could be broadly termed “Eastern Mediterranean” politics — Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel. Moreover, in his published writings he actually evinced a degree of hostility to Russian influence in that region.

When the FBI’s attempt at framing Papadopoulos in this manner predictably fell flat, Papadopoulos was indicted on trumped up “false statements to the FBI” charges stemming from a harmless misstatement — not a lie.

The entire interview is well worth listening to — to capture Papadopoulos’ personality — and also worth reading closely for the details that emerge. Chuck Ross’s digest is also useful as a summary. Bongino’s tone is remarkable. He’s well prepared for the interview and, as he goes into the details of how Papadopoulos was groomed to be a fall guy in the FBI’s war against Trump, his tone is incredulous to the point of hilarity at times — the FBI’s setup is that transparent. Bongino has difficulty throughout in restraining himself from exclaiming at Papadopoulos’ only too obvious naivete. For his part, Papadopoulos is naturally reluctant to portray himself as a complete dupe, but even he at a certain point ends up quoting his wife, who exclaimed to him:

“What on earth are you pleading guilty for, when this guy [Mifsud] is obviously setting you up?”

Rather than attempt an exhaustive analysis of the many intriguing threads of information that can be found in the interview, what I’d like to focus on are two particular themes in Papadopoulos’s narrative:

1) That he was the subject of a FISA, and

2) that his conversations with FBI intelligence assets such as Halper, Downer, and Mifsud were “recorded.”

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8 Comments on Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?

  1. In a sane culture the hoax could/would be blown wide open.
    Not so much when facts do not matter to the many collusion hoax hustlers with TDS.

  2. This is one of the most amazing interviews I’ve heard in a long time. File under: Fact is so much stranger than fiction. And a lot more entertaining.

    I hope POTUS Trump soon releases all those redacted FISA documents. The American people won’t believe their eyes.

  3. I don’t even look at those type articles anymore. For 2 years we’ve heard that the whole fraud is coming off the rails. Every day Gateway had a “Tick-Tock” splash but nothing of substance. Where’s the meat? I’ll look when the headline includes ‘Indictment Issued”. Otherwise it’s all boob-bait-for-the-bubbas as Daniel Patrick Moynihan would say.

  4. Milkdud – “Hey George, I got somebody I want you to meet, then come meet me here because I have Putin’s niece who wants to talk to you. Don’t mind the other 5 people in the room wearing wires and audio recording everything, they are not FBI or DOJ plants I assure you.”

  5. Dan Bongino is a sharp guy. If you get a chance listen to him debate any democrat on economics, he skewers them every time and leaves them incoherent and babbling.
    Having worked in DC for several years he also has great insights on the inner workings there. He is a true patriot!


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