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Ukraine Wins Eurovision


Ukraine’s Eurovision Song Contest winners plan a tour of Europe to raise money for the army as it continues to put up fierce resistance to Russian forces more than 80 days after they invaded the country, they said on Tuesday.

Kalush Orchestra on Saturday rode a wave of popular support to win the competition, giving their compatriots a much-needed morale boost. More

Their music video for “Stefania” (their Eurovision entry) is quite moving (play it on mute if you don’t want to hear rap fusion). Watch

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  1. in other bullshit news (we’re getting quite used to this fixed, fake crap, aren’t we?) …

    Ukraine wins Miss Universe contest
    Ukraine wins Nobel Peace Prize
    Ukraine wins Pulitzer Prize
    Ukraine wins Preakness & Belmont
    Ukraine wins Masked Singer
    Ukraine wins Acadamy Award
    Ukraine wins Emmy Award
    Ukraine wins Grammy Award
    Ukraine wins Tony Award
    Ukraine wins Congressional Mega-Billion Lottery
    Ukraine wins World Cup
    Ukraine wins Indianapolis 500
    Ukraine wins Stanley Cup
    Ukraine wins WWIII, immediately challenges China & Russia to Tag Team Wrestling Match w/ Joe Biden as Tag Team partner

  2. The stupid fuckers learned nothing from the Wellstone funeral debacle. They take overplaying their hand and raise it to an art form again and again. If the worthless establishment Republican bastards weren’t propping them up the Democrat wing of the progressive movement would have gone kaput by now.

  3. The Russians are shaking in their boots and trying to figure out a way to gracefully back out of Ukraine.

    Grigori: Nikita, the Ukes just won a music award…what are we gonna do? We’re in big trouble now.

    Nikita: I’m gettin’ outta here, man. These Ukes are gonna be impossible for us to kill now…they’re all confident and everything…Leonid said they got some kind of magic from America and our bullets won’t stop them…let’s head back to Russia while we’re still alive.

    Grigori: I’m with ya man…I’ve been see’in lots of our tanks heading east…let’s hitch a ride on one and leave this shithole to the Ukes.

    Yep, the Russians know they’re up against western music and don’t stand a chance.

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