Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737 crashes in Tehran killing 176 aboard hours after Iran’s attack on US bases


  • speculation jetliner has been accidentally shot down as video shows plane in flames BEFORE hitting ground
  • Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 carrying 176 people crashed near Tehran Wednesday morning
  • All 167 passengers and nine crew on board the plane heading for Kiev died according to Iranian state media 
  • The airliner, a Boeing 737-800, went down around Parand, 60 kilometres south-west of the Iranian capital 
  • Imam Khomeini International Airport, told Fars News Agency the plane suffered technical problems 
  • Flight data shows the plane reached an altitude of 2.4 km and then disappeared three minutes after take-off
  • Video appeared to show the footage of a Ukrainian plane on fire as it fell from the sky into a farm field 
  • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky expressed condolences from his Middle Eastern vacation in Oman 
  • The crash came hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack targeting two bases in Iraq housing U.S. forces, in retaliation for the killing of Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani 

25 Comments on Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737 crashes in Tehran killing 176 aboard hours after Iran’s attack on US bases

  1. Chin up…a little. Trump’s greatest feat, imo: a lot of people have started to get wise to the deep state media complex’s 24/7 brainwashing. They’ve, finally realized that they’re constantly lied to so they’re not following or swallowing it like before. The State has noticed and they don’t like it.

    If it weren’t for Trump taking constant heat AND FIRING RIGHT BACK, this wouldn’t be happening. He’s exposed what a lot of people never saw or didn’t believe could ever happen here.

    Not saying it’s going to pull us out of the fire, but it’s something.

  2. And the more hysterically panicked the media sounds, the more people will tune them out because nothing they scream is going to happen EVER DOES.

  3. Any hope that ex Obama SOS John F Kerry was attending the funeral of his recently deceased friend {the smoked salami} and was aboard the aircraft?

  4. Blame Trump or blame Boeing (they’re already laying on the canvas with the grounding of their newest aircraft). Blaming a crash on a fuel tank explosion worked for Bill Clinton just before reelection, with the crash of TWA Flight 800 coverup. Despite a lot of evidence it was shot down, and strong arming of people who saw a missile. The FBI & CIA have been “managing” elections for democrats for a long time. Kicking the FAA crash investigators to the curb.

  5. Truckbuddy is probably correct, the plane caused a blip on a radar of a nervous GTA missile operator who no doubt mistook it for an incoming attack.

    I doubt a shoulder fired rocket would reach that altitude with accuracy.

    The other possibility is deliberate targeting of a plane full of Westerners.

    We shall see how other nations respond as I believe no Americans on board.

  6. Come on! Ukrainian plane… Crashed in Iran…

    Of COURSE the left is going to blame Trump! They’ll come up with some wild conspiracy like “The key witness that knows the truth about the Trump/Ukrainian President phone call was on that plane and was going to testify at the Impeachment trial!”

    You KNOW that is something like what they will say!

  7. The higher than normal cruise speed of the aircraft is what set off the radar blip, the nervous pilot was trying to get f**k out of harms way and some sheepdip for brains assumed the blip was incoming aircraft or drone and stopped his nightly goat gasm and pushed a button, laughter ensued as the billy goat then turned around and head butted him in his groin area for not finishing his duty, will receive the new order of salami for destruction of a flying object while fornication, aloha snackbar, bitches.

  8. It seems like just a few weeks ago when Trump was going to ignite a ME conflagration by moving some US troops in Syria.

  9. Its been listed as quite a few Canadians, a couple Brit’s and Afghanis. These were all returning fighters heading back to Iran, expatriates, I’d put money on it.

  10. Accident my ass. Bullshit CBC says it is mechanical.

    Timing tells me its it’s a twitchy trigger finger by someone.

    Generally, the way the west has to dot every “i” & cross every “T” before retaliatory action I suspect that it is a poorly disciplined Iranian defense action who waould have been on edge after their missile stike against a U.S. base.

    In any event, “Don’t fly to IRAN YOU ASSHOLES!”

    They say 63 Canadians on board. My ass. Its Hockey season!
    Canadians are Busy on the ice this time of year.

  11. CBC is already walking back the “Mechanical” engine failure saying It has 2 engines.

    Can’t wait too see what it is by 6pm on the Commie Broadcast Corp.

  12. When we shot down one of their airliners by mistake, we admitted it and apologized for it.

    They should do the same with this Ukrainian airliner shoot down.


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