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Ulvade Police Had Training on Active Shooters

This Twitter thread describes the recent instruction the Ulvade police had on how to respond to an active shooter just two months ago. Their spectacular failure to act promptly can’t be blamed on the training they received. Here

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  1. same thing our cops told us during ALICE training.

    they are coming in immediately.

    how it should have been there.

  2. Here’s an interesting read that claims they had a stand down order. IDK. I can tell you if you watch all that original video of fat cops running every where you’ll notice very few have slings on their weapons. Most peeps that have been through the training won’t be caught dead without a sling. They’re pretty damn handy and a lot of training available includes a sling on the weapon.


  3. Needs to be a public community shaming of these uniform wearing officers. Then deprive them of ever working this job. They failed their contract with the community.

    They are cowards. What they failed to do cannot be excused.

  4. The police aren’t going to protect you, that’s the only takeaway possible from this story.

  5. Any of the Marines I served with in Vietnam (including myself) would have charged right in and taken over because we were trained that if you stop and conceal, you die faster than if you advance and kill the enemy, especially if YOU are a superior force or not!

    Semper Fi

  6. Lowell
    I’m thinking an alternate plan other than trying to breach a bullet proof door with interlocks on it could have been formulated in about 5 minutes, executed in 10. That school got locked down 58 times last year do to high speed chases through town chasing suspected cartel members. It’s not like they don’t know how to lock down. But yet a teacher leaves a back door propped open minutes before the little fag with a gun enters the building through that very door. Is my tin foil to tight?




  8. Teacher props door open. School resource officer elsewhere and doesn’t confront shooter when he finally arrives. Police in charge tell other dept’s to stand down. One officer goes in and retrieves only his kids. Police handcuffing parents. One parent got in and got her kids, but police can’t get in. Police need a key before they can open door. Yeah, this all sounds legit.

  9. They clearly al are cowards! The men hiring them clearly have passed “Murhpy’s Law” and should be fired as well!

  10. Even if they were given a stand down order it’s just more proof cops will do as they are told regardless of how many die and regardless if they violate your constitutional rights.

  11. Who ever thought we’d see the day when ARMED Texans stood around outside a school for more than an hour while children were being murdered inside?

    The PoPo: We were not just standing around outside. We were running around outside for more than an hour. And besides, we had fustrated parents we had to taze and handcuff.

  12. refuse/resist: “One officer goes in and retrieves only his kids.”

    I’ve seen this around a lot, and I think it’s wrong. There was one Border Patrol agent who’s wife works as a teacher at that school. He’s sitting in a barber chair getting a haircut on his day off when she texts him that there’s a shooter. He jumps up, grabs the barber’s shotgun (every barber should have one), and runs to the school. He goes in and gets his kids out, but he gets their classmates out, too. I think that people are only hearing part of this story, or hearing it but not understanding it, and so make the wrong assumption.

    Fire every last officer who stood outside, especially those assholes who went after the parents asking them to help. Blacklist them from every working in the field again.

  13. “Fire every last officer who stood outside, especially those assholes who went after the parents asking them to help. Blacklist them from every working in the field again.”

    No. Try them for “Accessory to Murder.”
    Hang them if found guilty.

    Fuckin filth should not be given the soft-soap.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Question…
    Why in hell didn’t they ice the shooter when he wrecked his granny’s truck???
    They had over fifteen minutes to do this BEFORE he got to the school?????

  15. Uvalde is evidence that every responsible citizen ought to arm him/herself and maintain that state when in public places. Police will do what police will do. That may not be what needs to be done. The stench of the federal government’s intent to disarm the public wafts over this event like a miasma. Shooting up one elementary school didn’t work, the high school didn’t work, so another shot at an elementary school, in Texas of all places, might do the trick. In all three events police stood by and allowed the action to conclude prior to acting.

    These three incidents demonstrate that law enforcement are either useless or complicit. Either way, one must presume one cannot depend on government entities to prevent or adequately mitigate threats to one’s wellbeing.

    You’re on your own, son. And they want you defenseless, unarmed.


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