Under Martial Law, Ukraine President Zelenskyy Consolidates All Media Into State Media, Disbands All Political Opposition Parties – IOTW Report

Under Martial Law, Ukraine President Zelenskyy Consolidates All Media Into State Media, Disbands All Political Opposition Parties

Following the ‘democracy must be destroyed in order to preserve it model‘, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has dissolved all political opposition parties and consolidated all media. MORE at Treehouse

21 Comments on Under Martial Law, Ukraine President Zelenskyy Consolidates All Media Into State Media, Disbands All Political Opposition Parties

  1. Media heads exploding.
    Oh no!
    Cover it up!
    Get Bitch McConnell to lobby for more weapons to complete the dictatorship!

  2. Meanwhile, Russia is destroying NATO sites in Ukraine. NATO sites that NATO agreed to not put there. Ukraine is giving Russia a run for their money on who the worst bad guys are here.

  3. Vlad’s doing the job our retard should be doing. Protecting his country from incursions from the UN and other foreign threats. Our retard? Well he just opens the border to anybody.
    I heard April Fools is canceled this year. How do you top Biden?

  4. Parents, do not allow your children to be killed by these thugs. We’ve lost enough of our men and women to communism. I’m against any US involvement. Instead of fleeing your country Ukrainians, why aren’t you fighting, your own battles?

  5. Coming soon to America.
    The idea of Marshall Law in America give the swamp woodies.
    If it “doesn’t” happen before Nov., I’ll be surprised.

  6. Marshall Law, well golly we’re have to give Marshall “Woody” Dillion a call. Easy mistake, it’s Martial Law.

  7. How Very Justine Turdeau of Him.

    The Deputy Prime Minister of Canickistan is Chrystia Freeland of Ukrainian decent.
    Her Grandfather was allegedly a Nazi Collaborator. (Many sources)
    Those rumours have been around for YEARS.

    Turdeau’s Right hand Henchwoman was OUTRIGHT GIDDY when she was announcing BANK ACCOUNT seizures of the Truckers etc. & Emergency Powers.
    She was on TV fidgeting uncontrollably at the last minute when Turdeau Pulled back the “EMERGENCY ACT”. Everyone noticed her nerves both media & Public.
    Within 1 Hour, Putin announced a “Military Action in Ukraine.”
    She clearly knew about all of this earlier than the Public. Someone read Turdeau the Riot Act, Eh Klaus Schwab?


    Remember, the Media is all on one side ONLY.

    I feel bad for the PEOPLE, Not The CORRUPT Politicians.

    Putin is a Fucking asshole, but there is YUGE American & World Corruption that is either going to get exposed or that country will be rebuilding for the next 30 years. Unfortunately.

    just ask Hunter…

  8. Comccguy,

    You did have your capitol surrounded by National Guardsmen for months as well as all the local police forces around the capitol to protect against WHAT EXACTLY?

    Any protests by Conservative have been generally Clean & polite with very very little damage, unlike ANTIFUCK.

    PS. – Turdeau/Dominion helped steal your election from an hour drive north of your boarder. Apparently, the USA only has 1 boarder now.

  9. You know Joey / Nancy / Chuckie / AOC wanted to declare martial law before the SOTU disaster, but couldn’t pull the trigger for the Freedom Convoy.

  10. @Mick March 21, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    > it’s Martial Law

    In The United States, military dictatorship would mean rule by trannies, pædos, and lesbians. Without, even the pretense, of judicial review.

    How would we know the difference?

  11. THIS is the democrat model for America. And with a psycho like Kenji Jackson about to be put on the Supreme Court, it won’t be long.

  12. SNS MARCH 21, 2022 AT 5:31 PM

    …the Democrats are beta testing there for a November rollout here.


    Hey admins! Get an email to SNS – STAT!

    Someone is impersonating him. No way he types only one sentence. Dead giveaway. 😉

  13. Congress just handed 13 billion dollars to that asshole. But you need to buy an electric car or ride the train so we can stick it to Russia. Is this a great country, or what?

  14. Dadof4
    MARCH 21, 2022 AT 9:24 PM

    …I get little sometimes.

    The smallest message I ever sent was “NO.”

    Someone made a comment like you on how short that was, so I took the period off.

    So my smallest post to date…

    …is “NO”

    …but thanks for looking out for me, and don’t worry, I will be long and boring and pointless more often than not, as you may even now be noticing….


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