Underage Students At High School Forced to Perform In Drag For Eager Adult Faculty Members – IOTW Report

Underage Students At High School Forced to Perform In Drag For Eager Adult Faculty Members


Chaya Raichek ( Libs of Tiktok) revealed Thursday that the student group P.U.L.S.E (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone) secretly held a drag show on October 27th. The performance took place on school property in secret and was the brainchild of demented faculty advisor Heather Baldwin. She then sent an email inviting fellow school staffers to watch the kids perform in front of them. Here is the invitation:

The school took great pains to ensure no parents, uninvited students, or other adults could attend.  But they DID invite a drag queen to take part in the festivities. From Raichek:

“Although not all faculty were invited, nor were parents, or fellow students, the club did manage to have a professional drag performer at the event as well.

The students were taken out of class to prepare for the secret show where, according to one witness, “a teacher stood watch outside the door to the theatre while the show was going on to ensure those not invited would not enter.”


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  1. Fire every soul involved, total loss of pension and benefits, then arrest them for corruption of minors, and perversion of minors and endangerment. Let them all have 5 years to think about what they’ve done, in general population, and make sure all the other inmates know what they were charged with.

  2. Parents should teach their kids to do a mass walk out if this crap happens in their school and then keep your kids home for a week. We can put them out of business if we stop putting up with this crap.

  3. I’ve been urging people for a very very long time to attend school board meetings because if you went you’ll want to end this insane situation and fix this atrocity
    the parents should have those eager adult faculty members arrested for having under aged students perform sexual acts
    these people aren’t stupid or dumb, they’re evil, and they knew exactly what they were doing or parents & some faculty wouldn’t have been excluded

  4. Anything secret, ANYTHING, must be prosecuted as felony. There is absolutely no argument for keeping secrets from parents. Then we can deal with what is visible.
    Hell, I had to take Youth Protection from both BSA and State of California, and that’s what they continually push, that if an adult is trying to keep a secret that is a danger to the kids. And they should know.

  5. That’s some sick stuff.

    Watched greg gutfelds show last night.
    You should too.
    I have some questions I never thought about before after last nights show but after todays drag show news.

    You have to read it or see it or have seen it to understand.

    Not all is as it seems, especially in New York.

  6. grayjohn,
    Forget the arrests, loss of pensions, etc.
    That will take too long, and in today’s current (in)justice system, these perverts will get off with “time served” and back pay.
    The only PERMANENT solution is the same as the “Politician/Bureaucrat Realignment System: rope, tall tree or lamppost, pervert “indoctrinator”; some assembly required”.

  7. @ grayjohn DECEMBER 2, 2022 AT 1:12 PM

    and make then register as sex offender for the rest of their miserable pathetic lives.

  8. The Teacher’s Union will protect the perverted, tenured teachers.
    Heather Baldwin, english department should be terminated immediately.

  9. Imagine for a moment, a teacher in a public school organizing a Bible study group, and a live nativity performance. What would the progtards reaction have been to that? As Christians, we are not allowed to proselytize at public schools, so why are these demons?

  10. this is not just happening in NJ
    randi weingarten is the head of the american federation of teachers
    pompeo called randi the most dangerous person in the world the other day
    randi was at the state dept dinner with spouse (Sharon Kleinbaum)
    both are big ugly bulldykes
    randi pulled in pulled six-figure salary (over $426K) while pushing school closures
    why is randi allowed to continue to upend the public school system?
    demand randi’s resignation and be arrested as a child sex offender

  11. Cato,
    “…..should be terminated immediately.”
    With extreme prejudice.


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