University of Colorado, Boulder offers Thanksgiving “Conversation Guides”

Campus Reform: A Thanksgiving “toolkit” created by the University of Colorado Boulder provides “talking points” and “conversation guides” for students on the Dakota Access Pipeline, environmentalism, and Native American-themed school mascots.

The school promoted the materials in “Thanksgiving 2.0 #2018,” which contains “resources for indigenous and environmental groups working in solidarity with Standing Rock and other places where people continue to protect land, water, and insure [sic] a brighter future for coming generations.”

THANKSGIVING 2.0 #2018: School & Educational Resources” includes resources students can peruse to “educate and talk with youth about how your community can have a more meaningful Thanksgiving inspired by the values and and people at Standing Rock and protecting against pipelines.”

The text is accompanied by an image of a woman carrying a sign with a lobster on it, with the captions “Water is life” and “Stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.”

A document titled “THANKSGIVING 2.0 #2018: Thanksgiving Talking Points” has the stated purpose of providing talking points for conversations with children about “the 2016 campaign of water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota and ongoing issues of pipeline controversies in 2018.”

“The goal is to make Thanksgiving relevant to contemporary events and honor the best of the holiday, and to understand the impact’s [sic] pipelines have on the ways of life of indigenous and local people,” the document clarifies.

Also included in the kit is a document stressing the importance of the California Racial Mascots Act of 2015, an initiative aimed at compelling public schools to do away with mascots representing Native Americans. Made by a UC Boulder senior, the document asserts that schools with mascots labeled “Indians” or “Redskins,” and also those with mascots like “Braves” or “Warriors,” are perpetuating Native American Stereotypes.   read more

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  1. “Hey, kid! If you really wanted me to have a more meaningful Thanksgiving, you’d shut up, go away, and stop bothering good folks. And if YOU need more talking points, how about talking about showing the same respect for others that you would want to be shown yourself?”

  2. The amount of time you spend in the kitchen cooking = number of hours you get to open you pie hole for something other than eating.

  3. Just in case the Media were sleeping and not doing their job’s of telling Youth how to react in real life situations, the good University Thought Police have Thoughtfully prepared Your Personality for You.

  4. The goal is to make Thanksgiving….insufferable.

    Imam Obama introduced the concept of using thanksgiving as a leftist political forum. Cocksucker ruins everything. Remember. You were supposed to sing the praises of Obamacare a few years back.

    I wonder how many kids were tossed from their homes with a drumstick shoved up their asses?

  5. We’ve got to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Gotto! Here’s why:
    “Whisky, Nancy Whisky,” Luke Kelly Check it out.

  6. Tip #1: Avoid in-laws.
    Tip #2: Avoid liberals.
    Tip #3: Since everyone there is either an in-law or a liberal, spend most of the time tending the turkey in the deep fryer out on the lawn.

  7. Liberals are welcome to spout their ignorant shit. Then I will respond with indisputable facts and tell them to leave for being morons.

    1. Native Americans were brutal, sadistic, murderous and not noble peaceful people overall.
    2. Pipelines are efficient and are extremely safe means of transporting liquids like oil and gas.
    3. If they want electricity to power their iPhones, they had better STFU and support cheap energy.


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