We’re Losing Ourselves

Two disturbing articles today on the juggernaut of leftist indoctrination. The first describes the method being applied on a national level to modify our behavior to comply with the values of the progressive left. Here

Victor Davis Hanson describes the means used by the collective left to impose their tyranny of banality on us all. Here

The cause doesn’t even matter; they know this nation is the most tolerant, good-natured and generous in the world. It’s about manipulation and the crushing of the will to resist. The more they silence and punish those who dare to speak out and oppose, the closer they get to their ultimate objective of total subjugation of the masses. Once achieved, those who make the dictates will rule by social justice with the rest of society willing to enforce their decrees in the name of equality. It’s obvious for those who wish to see, stopping it and regaining our freedom to think and express ourselves is another matter entirely.

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  1. Long winded bastard. try turning off the TV and putting down your fuggin’ phone.

    You want freedom? Move out of the city. Cities are the problem. They produce nothing but neurosis. Left, right, center, it doesn’t matter. If you live in a city, you’re affected. You’re a fuggin’ nut job.

    Move someplace and do for yourself. Fix your own damn car. Hang your own damn drywall. Raise a chicken. Milk something. Learn how the seasons affect how stuff grows. Go hunting. Live a normal life.

    Or stay in a big city and obsess over minutia. You crazy mo-fos think that ish’ matters. Enjoy yo-self.

  2. It’s so easy to be a lazy liberal, and any idiot can do well for themselves by greatly exaggerating problems present in any society. By focusing on differences and dividing people by convincing them they’re being oppressed.
    Yup it’s easy to be sleazy.

  3. Aaron Burr, you are so correct. Now don’t tsk tsk, I know you know you are always right! But let me point it out, OK? 😉

    I moved from Minneapolis to small town in Midwest MI. It has taken me about one year to adjust. I can’t believe how much living there changed me until I moved back. I will never live in a large (or even medium) city again. In fact, I am looking for property for a nice sized garden and to build a chicken coop for – you guessed it – chickens! So looking forward to it.

    PS, No TV for over a year and don’t miss it!

  4. Agree with @Burr.
    Kill your television. Ignore the rest of everything. Except IOTW and very few others. Love your spouse and your dog. Live in the country and mow your own grass, build your own furniture, cut your own trees, cook your own dinner and only go to town when you have at least 3 errands. Then get the fuck outta there.

    Or. Worship me and send me all your money. That will work.

  5. Well, I think both authors were focused on a bigger picture. And at the same time I think they both missed the mark. If you want Conservative children, put them in a Charter school and then get them in the Military. If you want Libtard Snow flakes just keep them in the Public School Systems. The Media perpetuates it. It’s a very well orchestrated plan. Whom is trying to destroy our country from within? And why?

  6. Hey Aaron Burr…..I was going through one of my Dad’s boxes and found the wrist rocket that he took away from me in the late sixties. It needed new surgical tubing. Found those with some smarming with a local hospital rehab gal…I’m gonna try not to break windows this time and just scare the shit out of some squirrels….

  7. I could NOT care less about the ‘leftist indoctrination’, I seriously believe they more than underestimate the disdain, the hate and the desire of Conservatives to rise up and extinguish the perpetual, never-ending, obscene hatred of the leftist liberal communists.

  8. VDHanson has been a real downer lately. Levin show, then the article today. It’s not that he’s wrong, but he seems depressed or pessimistic about countering these trends.

    Similarly I do agree with the comments above about getting away from the crazies in the cities.

    Be that as it may, I think we still must monitor and push back against what’s going on because otherwise we will wake up one day (or our children will) and find that we’ve passed a critical mass and it’s too late. Obama let his minions stealthily accelerate what beforehand had been creeping changes.

  9. @willy. Wrist rocket launches non lethal baby carrots that puts a smack on squirrels. Once you move to the country the RWS Diana .22 rifled pellet gun with scope is silent but deadly. Powerful and accurate.

  10. Hanson is looking at what just happened to Orange Co. which he has dreaded but long predicted. Sometimes it sucks to be right.

  11. victor davis hanson loves the illegal alien indentured servants working on his family farm. his grandkids will love working on the family farms of their grandchildren.

  12. My lesbian black lives matter sister in law came to visit. She said, referring to our home and small town: “This doesn’t seem real.”

    Can you believe that? Crazy skirt thinks the real world is fake and the concrete jungle is reality.

    I lived in a big city for a decade. Sure, tons of cool stuff to do and see. But until you put in some real time out in the country, you’ll never know what life is actually supposed to be about.

    hint:it’s not supposed to be about artificial stress.

    Also…. baby carrots in a wrist rocket….. I LOVE IT.

  13. Brad’s right.
    There is some central control, working on many fronts to knock America down.
    It’s because no one will buy the communist line, as long as there is an America.

  14. I moved to a small town 45 years ago. Never regretted it. Only problem is that now that small town is no longer small; it’s 80,000 people, and turning blue. Time to move again.

  15. Poor Lazlo

    At the rate thing are going, America is dead after you and I are gone. Americas indoctrinated children will kill it.

  16. I don’t think it matters where people live. The rot gets to every corner of the country anyhow. I’ve read that there’s bunches of meth labs and country-boy dope-heads all over these quaint little towns & villages.

    A person stuck in a big city can still turn to God and find a way out.

  17. Tim Buktu, that is very true. I’ve always lived in the sticks, with the exception of a few years living in town for short periods of time when I was a young student.
    We’re not immune to liberal idiots and it’s getting worse, all those city slickers buying a piece of land to become hobby farmers. Why can’t conservative minded people ever be those who decide to play at being a farmer, but no it’s always another idiot leftist bringing their fear of guns, hatred for hunting and their damn city dogs that they turn loose to harass and kill livestock because their cute little doggie deserves freedom to roam. They whine and complain about the smell of cow shit, bitch about the dirt roads and do their best to elect idiots who tell them they will pave them by raising our property taxes or begging for federal money to do so.

  18. I think it was Brad who brought up public schools and he’s correct with the exception of charter schools or at least around here, they’re becoming worse than the regular public schools. Home school or private school is the answer and if you can’t or won’t do either of those then online public school is still a better answer than sending your kids off to become zombies.
    Also raise your kids right, kids need discipline, they need to be taught right from wrong, they need to learn the value of hard work and that life isn’t always fair and you don’t get whatever you want. I see too many conservative parents who are as neglectful as leftist parents by pretty much not being there and leaving their kids to be taught the values of the screwed up society.

  19. The problem I’m having with places is it seems like not very long ago where we lived in the sticks, the hustle-bustle-crowd-traffic-noise-road construction of ever expanding humanity catches up with our little piece of paradise.
    Then ya gotta fucking move again.


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