University’s “Office Of Equality and Inclusion” As Orwellian As It Gets

Campus Reform

On September 13, the Office of Equity and Inclusion notified the student body of Point Park University (PPU) that “action could be taken” against individuals who do not use their classmates’ preferred pronouns. 

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the email.

The university’s Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming Policy states that “any individual who has been informed of another person’s gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name is expected to respect that individual.” If a complaint is filed regarding this policy, “action could be taken,” the email reads. More

21 Comments on University’s “Office Of Equality and Inclusion” As Orwellian As It Gets

  1. How can one “misuse” an English pronoun based on biological reality? Are not those misusing the pronoun the ones who say to go against the very construction of the language?

  2. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, I demand that PeePeeYou respect and accommodate my disability, namely the inability to remember much less care what pronouns go with whom.

  3. How do you refer to a group of people each of whom has their own special pronoun but one of them uses they/them?

    If a pronoun is unique to a person, isn’t that just a name?

    My pronouns are boyfriend/policeman. So any attempt to ban such words is deeply hurtful and traumatic to my fragile self.

  4. These same assholes decide that they can call us normal people ‘cisgender’. I am not ‘cisgender’. I am a woman. An adult human female. There is no such thing as transgender or cisgender. There is only men and women. Male and female. Who do I report these freaks to for calling me ‘cisgender’?

  5. Shit-weasel there, lib-tard over there, Hooey, Dooey, and Louise over there, and Mostly Confused and Miss Identified in the back…

    How is our enabling these mental incompetents perverse behaviours now “required?”. If they haven’t learned their apparent gender by college, they need to go back to kindergarten and try again.

  6. keep in mind for all this joy, you get to pay FU University $75k a year too! Imagine the idiots being put out of this waste of an attempted education

  7. I find that ”Asshole” generally works for most people and most occasions and I’m almost always 75% guaranteed to be accurate.

  8. I’m a real man, that’s what I told the nurse at the hospital who asked me if I identified as a man, woman or other. I said I’m a real man, so put that in your computer and she did!

  9. For people that use the Constitution as a bath mat they’re sure free with it when they think it suits their whims. Point to the part that says I have to call a man a woman and vice versa. Show me the part that says woomen are guaranteed an abortion. I’m more sick of this kind of crap than any covid could make me.

  10. There’s a girl at work that says she is non binary, (druged out parents), but a great worker. I told her I’m kind of fulid. Yesterday I was a 54 Ford pick up, today you need to call me master or lord. Tomorrow I think I feel like a potato, so call me lord spud.
    See I can play too.


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