“Unplanned” Movie Star Establishes Scholarships to Help Pregnant Women Keep Their Babies

LifeNews.com – Inspired by her role as Abby Johnson in the movie Unplanned, Ashley Bratcher is partnering with Heartbeat International to offer moms facing unplanned pregnancies educational scholarships so they can continue pursuing their dreams while raising their children.

The Unplanned Movie Scholarship fund is now accepting donations at www.UnplannedMovieScholarship.com.

“Women CAN pursue their careers, live out their dreams, and have richer, more fulfilling lives while balancing motherhood. Sometimes, it just takes a little help,” Bratcher said. “I wanted to be a part of empowering mothers to chase their dreams and to provide a means for those who chose life to continue their educations.”

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I want to emphasize what this woman and this organization are doing. We have all heard the talking points that pro-life is anti-women:

Pro-life only wants to make women do what you want them to do and if you really do want to help women, you would help them through their pregnancy and beyond. But, oh no, you just make them have their babies and drop them because you don’t care.

I have a friend who works for an organization just like this one and my church supports them. I wouldn’t doubt that many of you know people and organizations dedicated to lifting up these women to help them care for the child they saved.

From now on, I will point to this very story to respond to anyone clueless enough to believe the left and their lies.

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  1. I’m about 2/3’s into Walter Isaacson’s magnum opus “Steve Jobs”, Jobs was adopted and came within a hair’s breadth of being aborted.

    We all remember the Superbowl commercial with Tim Tebow and how the left howled. For those unfamiliar with this great story;


    It takes tremendous courage for many of these women to not take the easy way out, to stand on principle and faith, even when life-threatening or in the face of despair and isolation, and choose life.

    Sarah Palin and all the other mothers of down syndrome children will always have a soft spot in my heart for honoring God and God’s gift of life, even when it is supremely hard, what saints.

    The scourage of humanity known as abortion will not go unpunished, there will be a reckoning.

  2. At the college I work at, we have programs to assist women in this situation. While I am not for pregnancy outside of marriage, I am for helping everyone, especially if they do not go the “easy” (yes, I understand the psychological issues, which is why I put “easy” in quotes) way and get an abortion.
    People do things they regret later, people have errors in judgement, I can forgive them for that. I admit to mistakes myself, and I am not proud of them. Judge me on what I have done, for better, or for worse. How can I do anything less for others?
    If you need help, ask! There are plenty of people who are willing and able to help, provided they know.

  3. I really like the photo that was used for the thumbnail. You cannot see the faces, to much, but you can see the love and smuggling, the eye contact.

  4. Can we send Alyssa Milano some cards on Mother’s Day from her two ghost babies?

    One was going to choose to be transgendered. Awww.


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