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  1. The more the Left wants this to fail and be suppressed, the more likely I am to go see it.

    Just because.

    I don’t need convincing about PP and abortion, that took place years ago as a result of the Wichita demonstrations in 1991 -Operation Rescue- forcing me to examine myself and decide that I had to take a side and which side I was on.

  2. @joe6pak – It IS a tough movie to watch at times. I had to catch myself from wailing in sadness at points, but I am SO GLAD I went to see it. I recommend it for anyone, even those already firmly pro-life will be impacted, at least I was.

  3. I just got home from seeing this movie with my 17-year-old daughter. So powerful and yes, at times very sad and difficult to watch. I was very happy with how many people were in the theater for an early afternoon showing!

  4. Boy the left hates this movie!

    read a bunch of reviews and it is obvious the DNC has issued all the usual propagandist talking points

    from variety ” Cheryl, who ultimately anoints Abby to be director of the clinic, is portrayed as a corporate witch — the Cruella de Vil of abortion —”

    and “But it plays into the current flavor of right-wing rage, which co-opts the anti-establishment tropes of the ’60s, resulting in the kind of faux-rebel fever that allowed Donald Trump to ascend by running against big government and big business.”

    from the Gaurdian
    Unplanned was financed in part by Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, the only bedding manufacturer I’ve heard of that’s frequently on the bad end of class action lawsuits. You may also know Lindell from one of his more recent hits, calling Donald Trump “the greatest president in history … chosen by God”.

    from the Av club

    The anti-abortion Christian drama Unplanned is the first of three films being (partially or wholly) financed by the Trump-supporting entrepreneur and MyPillow founder

    Closely following the self-presented, factually unverifiable, and heavily questioned narrative of PP employee-turned-pro-life-supporter Abby Johnson (primarily as recounted in her memoir of the same name)

    every leftist review had the same three points
    It’s Trumps fault
    Mike Lindel backed it (therefore it can’t be trusted)
    and the story is made up or not true.

    some of the reviews use nearly the exact same wording. makes you wonder if the even watched the movie (variety was the worst)



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