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  1. …good point LCD, but it should be HARD right then, both because it’s White Supremacy causing the problem as always according to them, and because most of the “Republicans” would be HELPING them lie…

  2. I am living with gas lines twice in one life time

    i cannot imagine how the poor souls felt, who lived through the dustbowl and the great fdr depression and wwii rationing

  3. Leta assume for 1 minute the OIL & GAS are about to become obsolete.
    Assume that Solar Wind & Fuel Cells are the future.
    Give the Greens and Left the full benefit of their pipe dreams being 100% correct.
    How then, should the Government respond?

    Would it Not make sense, like any business, to sell what ever inventory you have before it becomes worthless?

    If the world is on the cusp of powering itself with new technologies should North America not sell off as much Oil & Gas before you get stuck with this allegedly “useless” resource underground?

    Tell that to Left. The Demos are just pissed that more old guard GOP families and stated like Texas are still in the Oil Business. Al Gore found his new scam well after his own party went after Tobacco (his family business)

    Sell Sell Sell!

  4. for how many years have the citizens been telling dc to do something with the vulnerable electrical grid

    and now the fuel grid gets knocked out by hackers

    same with the southern border

    apparently dc needs an enema by the people

  5. The oil companies should hire that guy on YouTube who goes after the internet scammers from India.

  6. A friend of my wife told her there was a guy filling up 5 gallon buckets (no lids) and puts them in the car.

  7. Don’t worry folks, 2022 senate elections.
    The price of gasoline & food alone will flush the toilet
    People can easily see their wallets getting destroyed.

    I hope.

  8. Kcir
    MAY 12, 2021 AT 10:39 AM
    “Don’t worry folks, 2022 senate elections.”

    …Dominion don’t buy gas.

  9. Managed to find an out of the way station that had diesel at $2.99 a gallon. 😵 People are nuts. I was prepared for it.

  10. If the “E” stands for Empty, the “F” surely stands for FAIL!!
    The is no winning with these A-Holes!!

  11. Is anyone surprised?
    Even the lefties knew this was coming, but they are selfish assholes. And I do hope they really suffer for their selfishness.

  12. I’m surprised no one on the left has claimed that this proves they were right about canceling the Canuckistan pipeline.

  13. @SNS

    Dominion (or any foreign entity) should never have been allowed to be contracted. You have 1.5 years to oust them. I hope you do. I guarantee they helped Turdeau.


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