US officials pressured Canada to stop ‘Freedom Convoy,’ new testimony reveals – IOTW Report

US officials pressured Canada to stop ‘Freedom Convoy,’ new testimony reveals


Top Biden administration officials pressed their Canadian counterparts to clear truckers blockading parts of the United States’s northern border during protests in January. 

A public inquiry into the Canadian government’s decision to use emergency powers to clear the “Freedom Convoy” protesters revealed on Thursday that frantic phone calls were placed by Washington to Ottawa in an effort to open up choked-off supply lines. 

“They are very, very, very worried,” Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland wrote in an email to her staff after a Feb. 10 phone call from White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, according to Politico.

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  1. The scum in DC are out to bend the world to their way of doing shit. Funny thing is it’s driving countries to shun us for the evil we’ve(government) has become. Too bad but it’s about 10,000 or so mofos that if gone, we could see a return to a true Constitutional country. That’s about how many rounds I have, weird huh?

    Like most of us I don’t regard the Chinese people as particularly out to get us. Nationalistic and proud of their 5,000 year run? Fuck yeah. But their government is satan walking the earth and they’re unarmed. A bad spot to be in.

    Canada went Nazi like in the blink of an eye WTF?

    I just don’t see anything that’s gonna change without a river of blood. I was watching a news report on the TV in my gal’s room tonight and the reporter said when Mar-a-Lago gets raided we all hear about it but when ordinary folks get a visit, no one knows. I said when they come knocking here, that’ll make the news.

    We’re old and want not much more then to raise our dogs & chickens. We sure as fuck WILL NOT endure what the meat grinder poor 1/6 folks have been put through.

    I mean it.

  2. A few trucks not getting into the US made the Obiden admin frantic but they are a okay with freighters with many times more goods aren’t being allowed to get into port?
    Probably the optics of everyday people wielding power was more troubling to them.

  3. No Fuckin Shit!

    Turdeau and his Ass Clown Chrystia Freeland (Ukrainian) were VERY NERVOUS on TV while it was going on. No Doubt in My Mind that the Phone call was “Clear it or we will clear it for you.” with the US Military.

    He envoked the Emergency Act Similar to his Father Decades earlier in Quebec. He Acts like he thinks a Prime minister should.

    The shame of Having US Troops on Canadian Soils was his motivation. Then, The economic PULL OUT of the US Auto Industry which would have followed.

    All this instead of working with ALL Canadians. Quebec & Toronto Gave him his Minority, the rest of the Country Voted against him and Conservative.

    Human Garbage!


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