USA Shut Out Of The Medals On Opening Day Of The Olympics


The first day of the Tokyo Olympics is wrapping up, and despite several near-misses, Team USA did not medal for the first time since the 1972 Summer Games. More

10 Comments on USA Shut Out Of The Medals On Opening Day Of The Olympics

  1. They made up for it the next day, 10 medals so far including a few gold in sports the USA has never metaled before.

    Women’s soccer team won (boo)
    The men’s basketball team lost the first round to France (yea!!!)

  2. I was changing channels and stopped to watch 20 minutes of Olympic Street Skateboarding.

    Go find some highlights: TOTAL FUCKING SHIT and tons of wipe outs of men sliding down stairs/railings.

    Who Shits a Give!

  3. No one is watching anyway. I was in a restaurant w/a lot of TVs earlier, they were on different sports and no one was paying any attention. I personally will be rooting for the transgenders. Lets see how long it takes for all women’s records to be held by men. If we are going to live a clown show lets go all the way.

  4. Between the woke athletes and league officials and the covid complete disruption of all sports (except golf – sort of), sadly most sports are now dead to me.

    In 2019, just before covid was unleashed on the world by the CCP, I bought a top of the line 55″ LED TV to enjoy high-def sports. Then the scamdemic hit and now my TV sits on the stand collecting dust.


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