USA Today and glass houses

Patriot Retort-

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that USA Today fact-checked one of my Dianny ‘Shop images and determined it was “altered.” As if it wasn’t blazingly obvious. But it turns out, if anybody knows about altering things, it’s USA Today.

At the end of March, USA Today invited Sore Loser Rerun Abrams to write a screed against Georgia’s new election law.

In the op-ed, Abrams refused to rule out the use of politically-motivated boycotts saying “Until we hear clear, unequivocal statements that show Georgia-based companies get what’s at stake, I can’t argue with an individual’s choice to opt for their competition.”

In other words, Abrams wasn’t exactly opposing the use of boycotts as a means of political extortion.

Then the MLB yanked the All Star Game from Georgia, and the news broke that black-owned businesses would be hardest hit.

And without anybody knowing, Rerun’s USA Today op-ed was quietly “altered.” Several paragraphs were completely rewritten to give the impression that Abrams was always opposed to economic boycotts — including this stealth edit:

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  1. “Oversight” my not-as-big-as-Stacy-Abrams’ backside.

    Funny how many of these “oopsies” the left seem to have.

  2. That crazy obese woman needs to climb aboard the next Space-X rocket heading into the Universe and plug one of the Black Holes nearest to Earth. “Take your twin sister with you, sister.”

  3. The Democrat Media Mafia doesn’t even care that they get caught.
    They don’t care that those few of us that pay attention know factually they are completely dishonest hacks.
    By not reacting to us they can completely alter reality without any repercussions.

  4. The hypocrisy reeks.
    But it not for hypocrisy and lies, they’d have nothing.

    Surprised that USAToday still has subscribers.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Don’t take her to the theater to see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein because she might just run over you and flatten you like a steamroller when she gets scared watching that movie. HEY, HEY, HEY, it’s Tank Abrams on a rampage!


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