Fawning USA Today Reporter Presents Kamala Harris With Cookies in Her Likeness – IOTW Report

Fawning USA Today Reporter Presents Kamala Harris With Cookies in Her Likeness

But the press is not fawning or slobbering, at all.

They are fair and balanced.

I remember when this very same reporter gave Trump… the finger. ha.

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  1. …I couldn’t avoid seeing that disgusting whore get off AF2 today on the Company TV, repping for the US in a foreign country where she will use the opportunity to sell the US down the fake climate change river and apologize for White people causing all of Guatemala’s noble citizens to invade the US.

    And the cunt was wearing a fucking mask.

    By herself.

    At the top of the steps of AF2.

    As her first impression in a foreign country on a State visit.


    …they gave the slut an honor guard, too.

    An HONOR guard.

    …THAT ship sailed many, MANY years ago, between her dishonouring her body for political gain and d8shonoring her Lord that gave it to her by lying, cheating, arranging baby murders, and generally by thinking she’s BETTER than God, I don’t even know where to START on how thoroughly dishonorable this vile old political prostitute really IS…

    …you know, in the Bible, one of the things that is said to have been placed in the Ark of the Covenant is little golden statues of the ’emerods’, or hemorrhoids, that God visited on the Philistines for taking it.

    By the same token, if you’re making cookies of that fraudulent fucking whore, you should bake visible herpes into them, and probably a prolapsed anus to boot.

    …it’s only right if you want to capture the REAL Kamala, but make sure you don’t bake it too long because that Indian usurper really isn’t Black…

    …but don’t believe ME about her whoring her way to the top. Here’s a Black man who can tell you in detail, and you are NEVER allowed to question a Black man, probably the ONLY reason YT hasn’t removed it yet…


  2. She was really bombed
    And I was really blown away
    Until I asked her what she wanted
    And this is what she had to say:
    A pearl necklace.
    She wanna pearl necklace.

  3. Again with the pearl necklace!?!?!?
    WTF? I think she gets off on shoving her past deeds in our faces.
    Maybe she’s taken a play out of Mark Berndt’s “cookie tasting” game.

  4. I see someone has been “there”, from the smear across the cookie’s face.

  5. Jethro
    JUNE 7, 2021 AT 3:28 PM
    “I’m afraid to ask what it tastes like.”

    …word has it that they smell like fish, taste like semen.

  6. Holy cow, I always thought that the jug-eared messiah was the biggest narcissist in the universe. Looks like I was mistaken. The hubris of this woman is one for the record books.

  7. @ Agatha Kakalogical JUNE 7, 2021 AT 1:03 PM

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    On Why Diabolical Narcissists in the Deep State WANT To Get Caught


    When DNs are confident that they have enough power, be it over a small group of people (family members, co-workers, social circle, cult), or on a macro scale, such as in a government, large corporation, or The Church, they will become progressively more bold and VISIBLE in their crimes in order to generate ever-higher amounts of diabolical narcissistic satisfaction.

    Now here is where it gets interesting. For DNs, the commission of their crimes and malefactions themselves are NOT the most potent source of diabolical satisfaction. No – the real rush, the “high” that they crave more than anything is THE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. Specifically, DNs luxuriate in watching other people, whether it be out of fear or sycophancy, pretend to not see, or better yet lie to cover, or even better yet, positively defend and justify, their crimes.

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