franklinnow.com0I’m surprised this year at how many displays of the flag and red/white/blue swag that I see around my city. All the media press about burning flags and anti-American sentiment must be the hater’s way of trying to turn our attention away from our patriotism. They hate it so much that they just don’t want us to know it’s alive and well. God bless America!


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  1. I just put my American flag outside at 5:30 AM to proudly wave all day today and will be wearing my USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 hat and Navy T shirt today to the church picnic. Have a great 4th today everybody. We are still the greatest nation on earth, no matter what the libs do. It’s going to be a great 4th of July today even though it’s hotter than Hell with temps in the high 90’s up to 100+. And if I hurt some progtards feelings today because I’m patriotic and love America so be it.

  2. That beautiful flag is proudly on display. I love her and all those who died defending her. And, it pisses of the rag head neighbors. With all the bacon smoke coming from the BBQ you can hardly see the flag from the street.

  3. Flags are up (1 stays illuminated 24/7) the other is near the road. I got a lot of cars honking while I was putting that one up yesterday afternoon! I love my small town!

  4. Happy Fourth, all you IOTWers!.

    Let’s all sign a DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE from the oppressive regime now stalking our land.

    Let Freedom Ring.

  5. Ok, tried it here but it was too tiny. Added it to the actual post. Had to shrink it to fit our width and optimize it (so I don’t go over my bandwidth [which I probably did anyway, but I’m usually under so maybe Fur will forgive me this one!]). If anyone wants to see it bigger, click the link. It’s beautiful!

  6. Today we celebrate! Everyday is independents day in the greatest country that has ever existed. I can’t imagine the world without the USA. So much good for so many people everywhere around the world. Bless God America so God continues to bless we the people.

  7. I’ll be spending part of the day operating my ham radio, attempting to contact all of the Original 13 Colonies Special Events Stations that are on the air. Contact them all (clean sweep) and I can get a really cool poster. (I’ve got 8 of them, 5 more to go plus a couple of bonus stations.
    If you’re wondering what this is about, check this out:

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