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Use ‘Em Yourself Or Lose ‘Em, Bronco Season Ticket Holders

The Denver Broncos this month joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Cubs to revoke the season tickets of those who have been selling them on the secondary market.

The move is seen as an attempt to cut down on the traveling fans from other teams showing up at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (I wonder how long those naming rights run?) and to put tickets in the hands of the 75,000 on the Bronco waiting list.


The Broncos revoked the tickets of one family who was dealing with dying relatives during the season Here

Other teams, like the New York Football Giants and the New York Jets, are reassuring their fans that they are not going to implement this policy –Here

12 Comments on Use ‘Em Yourself Or Lose ‘Em, Bronco Season Ticket Holders

  1. I don’t think that’s right. Those tickets are the personal property of the holder and if they want to sell them, that’s their business. And I’m not buying that crock of crap about loyalty to the fans. How many teams have deserted their fans by moving to other cities with the lure of a new stadium (attention Raiders)?

  2. I never attended a professional sporting event. I can’t sit still long enough to watch.
    I’d rather play sports than watch.
    Like watching someone else golf. I could not do that.

  3. You know, in about ’91 I was on the Miami,
    and the Miami chamber of crooks paid for us
    to go to a game in the upper bleachers in
    a corner in the stadium, as long as we were
    in uniform.
    Phuck all professional sports, you can lick
    my balls.

    Did I say that right?

  4. Sports fans will take any abuse, indignity or insult thrown at them. Nothing is too demeaning for them. No, wait, that’s wrong…

    Sports fans will PAY THROUGH THE NOSE for any abuse, indignity or insult.

  5. Next, the car companies will instigate a policy that once you buy one of their cars it will still remain their defacto property and you can’t resale it to anyone else (kind of like the video makers who still consider it to be their property even after they sell it to you and enforced by the FBI)!

  6. Ibid, the car companies will gladly comply when the Feds want to install tracking devices to tell where we’ve been and how far we’ve driven, in order to tax and dox us.

  7. I can imagine big fans buying more tickets to include friends of friends in their attendance and tailgaiting.

    I think fans should SUE teams for refunds for those expensive jerseys of key players who get suddenly traded away.

  8. this explains why Homer Simpson was bummed when Hank Scorpio gave him the Denver Broncos….

  9. @ Dadof4 Miami, the submarine. The cruiser was
    decommissioned forever ago. The submarine was the one
    that burned a couple of years ago, which really pissed
    me off. I spent four and a half years on her. We used to
    pull into Fort Lickerdale all the time, it was NICE!

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