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Valerie Jarrett’s FBI File Released

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MadWorldNews: It’s no secret that Valerie Jarrett pretty much runs the White House and has been a close confidant of Barack Obama for years. However, Judicial Watch obtained her file from the FBI, and after seeing her connections, that woman shouldn’t be anywhere near any part of our government.

Under a Freedom of Information Act request, Judicial Watch obtained the files associated with Jarrett’s family, and anybody who loves our nation should be petrified at what it revealed. Apparently, her family had deep-rooted ties with the Russians, they were hardcore Communists, and some were under investigation from the FBI. You scared yet?

According to the files, Jarrett’s father, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist organizations as well as individuals, one of which was a Soviet agent. In 1950, Bowman was in communication with paid agent Alfred Stern, a man who was charged with espionage then fled to Prague to avoid prosecution, but that’s not all. Jarrett’s maternal grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, also had a business partnership with Stern.  MORE

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  1. Interesting. Because I just pulled up the MJA file on ValJarr and it says she’s an ugly bitch.

    Is she trying to eat her own nose? DAMN!!!

  2. This commie wax figurine obviously didn’t have to undergo a background check to work in the White House. Actually, I wonder how many of Obama’s “advisors” would be able to pass a routine background check.

    I posted about this today, and one point I made is Stalin tried for years to obtain this kind of power within the White House. The American voters succeeded where Stalin couldn’t. That sickens me beyond belief.

  3. What Dianny said, I’ve been saying for years. What type of Security Clearances do the fuckers in the WH have?

    I read somewhere that in the Clinton Admin. many of the employees simply refused to answer question posed by the FBI. WTF?

  4. Soooo? NOTHING will be done with this ‘new’ information, just like all of the other outrageous unethical and possibly illegal ‘scandals’ of this faux president.

  5. One of my interests is listening to old-time radio programs. One that I found several months ago is called “I Was a Communist for the FBI” about an undercover agent infiltrating the “party. ” ( has tons of old radio programs).

    The episodes are often very insightful as to the strategies of the Commies. It’s refreshing to know that at one time in our history, Communism was understood for the evil it is, repudiated, and resisted, but devastating to know the enemy is now within the gate.

    How quickly we have fallen.

  6. Imagine that, a communist who’s name was “Stern”. He must not have gotten the memo that before undermining the host population you’re supposed to hide your origins by changing your name to something like Trotsky, Yagoda, Miliband, Rakosi, etc…

  7. The files released were not Valerie Jarrett’s FBI files (Typical MadWorldnews Sensationalized Headline) but her fathers files. She is nowhere mentioned in the story (read JW) I doubt Valerie’s file will every see the light of day considering her position.

  8. 0bama must use that FBI Security Index to recruit his people from. Only the worst anti-America scum suckers for him.

    What I want to know is: What in the hell are we waiting for? Why are these saboteurs still in office?

  9. Why still in office? Because the repugnicunts are right there with Obama and he’s half-black.

    Alex I’ll take Military Coups for $500 hundred please. 😉 :mrgreen:

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