Vatican Invested Over $1 million In Elton John Bio Pic


The Vatican invested upwards of a million dollars to finance the Rocketman film, a biopic of singer-songwriter Elton John with a graphic scene of gay sex.

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera revealed this week that the Vatican’s Secretariat of State invested last February in Lapo Elkann’s eyewear and “lifestyle products” company as well as the Elton John film, using money donated by the Catholic faithful through worldwide “Peter’s Pence” collections. More

8 Comments on Vatican Invested Over $1 million In Elton John Bio Pic

  1. This is really the high point of their actions these days.

    The “poop” is a pustule on the ass of Catholicism. But then so is the majority of the hierarchy of the outfit.

    And I do not mean that in anyway that might be construed as a friendly customer service comment.

    May God reward these people with their just due for ALL they do. (I’m not good at prayer…)

  2. There have been many evil popes through the ages, and this guy doesn’t even try to cover it up. It should be obvious to any rational person that any man portraying himself as the “The Vicar of Christ” and therefore infallible in all matters of faith is not biblically grounded. It’s nuts now, and it always has been. He is merely a MAN, and fallen like ALL men.


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