Vegan Activist Kills 100 Baby Bunnies In Attempt To Save 16 Adult Rabbits

Daily Mail UK

A vegan activist’s ‘rescue mission’ at a rabbit farm in Spain last week actually led to the deaths of nearly 100 bunnies, it has been claimed.

‘Mythical Mia’, as she calls herself, was left covered in blood and claimed angry farmers had shot at her through a car window as she made her escape.

The British activist proudly said she had saved 16 rabbits from the farm in Osona, but reports in Spain say several of the ‘rescued’ animals had just given birth, leaving dozens of bunnies stranded without a mother.

Unable to fend for themselves, 90 helpless bunnies had to be put down, according to La Vanguardia.

On top of that, five pregnant rabbits died during the raid while others are said to have lost their babies. Others still suffered broken spines, it is reported. More

13 Comments on Vegan Activist Kills 100 Baby Bunnies In Attempt To Save 16 Adult Rabbits

  1. Vegan activist “rescue mission” also known as criminal trespassing and theft. She needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. Similar to tree huggers that are out to save trees. Preserving a mature forest canopy prevents saplings from growing up. A forest full of young trees, in greater numbers, absorb more CO2 and emit more O2 than a forest full of mature trees, in smaller numbers.

  3. It’s AMAZING… that in THIS day & age… there are STILL people out there, who have NEVER heard the truism:

    “Play STOOPID games? WIN STOOPID prizes!!!” 🙄

  4. They’ve had a few cases of morons here ‘freeing’ thousands of mink which also leads to their deaths and destruction to the eco system and other animals. These animals are domesticated and can’t take care of themselves. It is very cruel. These people are disgusting.

  5. Well, the veganites are leftists so it is likely they love abortions of babies, so it would follow that their actions are in line with leaving the baby rabbits to die. They are insane, stupid and cruel.


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